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Gone South by Meg Moseley

I chose this book to read being from the south myself  and thinking it would be interesting to see her take on things there.

Tish moves to Noble, Alabama when an opportunity presents itself to purchase a home that was in her family, but doesn't find the welcome that she had hoped for.  Being from the North, she like and outsider and not very welcome by the residents of the town.  This book shows how she continues to trust and help others even when she doesn't feel the most welcome herself.

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A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund

I enjoyed reading this historical novel by Jody Hedlund.  Annalisa and her family are doing their best to survive in Michigan in the late 1800's.  She and her daughter find her husband dead in their field and her family decides that it is for the best that they find her another groom to help her to be able to keep the land.  Back in Germany, Carl has been accuse of a crime and finds himself in the way to America to keep his life.  Through connections, he finds himself helping out Annalisa  At first he as a hard time doing the work, but eventually is able to not only do the work, but help make other improvements.  Although he has only been sent over to help until her intended groom arrives, he soon finds himself caring for her. In reading the book, you find our what happens as well as meet other interesting characters. 
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Bending Toward the Sun by Mona Hodgson

I eagerly awaited the next book in this series to see how the story would continue. This book could be read alone or as a nice countenance to Dandelions on the Wind.  This story picks up with the story of Emilie who has been working at her father's store and continuing her education at the university.  Quaid has returned from the war and is working as a teamster making deliveries all over town.  They reconnect from knowing each other as children and start to have feelings for each other.  Her father is not happy about this since Quaid is Irish, but little by little they start to win each other over.

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“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”

Dandelions on the Wind by Mona Hodgson

Having read the Sinclair Brides series by Mona Hodgson, I was pleased to find this book.  It was a  very enjoyable, quick read.  After Maren's fiance rejects her after she has traveled to the United States from Denmark, she finds employment with Elsa and her granddaughter Gabi on their farm.  Soon Gabi's father shows up after being away fighting in the Civil War.  This makes Maren feel like she should leave, and she finds employment in a store in town.  Gabi's mother died giving birth to her, and her dad couldn't face seeing her every day, so he had left, but now that he is back, he soon finds himself able to not only care for his daughter, but maybe Maren as well.  I am looking forward to the next novella in this series and the books yet to come as well.

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" I received this book free to review from Waterbrook Multnomah Press"