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A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley

I enjoyed the interactions between Leigh and Jake. What starts out as working together to find out what happened to her brother winds up stirring up old memories between the two old friends. Jake starts out protecting Leigh after something happens to her brother, but soon old feelings start to resurface. I looked forward to seeing what would happen next and kept reading to find out what happened next. I liked seeing the twists and how the characters learned to work things of the past out to fix things of the future.

I received this book free to review.

Surprise at Yorktown by Marianne Hering and Nancy Sanders

I always enjoy learning about history and this book made it easy to learn and stay focused at the same time.  It took the history and made it interesting as well as entertaining.  It was a book that allowed you to learn more about the happenings at Yorktown, but put it through the eyes of the intended audience of the book.  I feel this is a good way to encourage reading and learning and would look forward to other books in the series.
The story tells of two cousins who become involved in the happenings of the American Revolution  The story tells of their taking information to George Washington and their adventures along the way.
I receive this book free to review.

Hallowed Halls by Hannah Alexander

This was an enjoyable book that could be easily read in one sitting.  It is a little different than some of  the other books by this author as most of the other books that I have read were mysteries, but entertaining  none the less.  The book tells the story of Joy and her return to her hometown and how she deals with the differences and dramas that she has to face.  It is a story that has a good mix of the characters lives as well as the medical work that is a part of the story.The characters are fun to learn about and see how they interact.  I found this book engaging and look forward to reading more.  I received this book free to review.

The Daughter of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

I really enjoyed the second book in the Edwardian Brides Series.  Book two tells the story of Katherine.  Her family home has been passed over to a cousin and now it is up to her to make a suitable match to get back her status and wealth.  Soon though she finds those things are not all they were as she finds herself working with and making friends with those not of her wealth and social stature.
I liked how Katherine was forced to see beyond what she was accustomed to and supposed to do to follow her heart and own desires.  She finds that others are not as they always seem and learns to trust to see what she must do.

More InfoAuthor Bio  "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun

Not my usual type of book, but it is interesting to those who are into that type of thing.  This book takes place after an event that has made living difficult.  Each person has to   be careful as certain people are hunted as slaves.  It you like this type of book with the dystopian theme,  then you will enjoy this book.
I received this book free to review.

Deceived by Irene Hannon

This was a suspenseful book that I had to keep from turning to the back to see how it was all going to turn out.  Kate thought that she had lost her entire family in an accident, but a chance encounter has her wondering.  She turns to a private investigator to find out the truth and in return finds herself stepping out to find the truth as well.
I admire Kate in her willingness to pursue the truth and wonder if I would have the courage to do what she did.  It would be hard to go through what she did and still have the nerve to pursue the truth.
I enjoyed this book and am planning to read the rest of the series as well.
I received this book free to review from the publisher.

A Love Undone by Cindy Woodsmall

I enjoyed this book of change and working through things.  Jolene has had to go through many changes and has to alter her way of life and thinking.  She has made the best of things and accepted how things are.  She then meets Andy, but their relationship has many trials that will try not only their relationship with each other, but with God as well.  I liked seeing how they trusted, but would find it hard to do the same myself.

More InfoAuthor Bio"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Tried and True by Mary Connealy

It's hard being something that you are not is something that Kylie has to live with every day.  She and her sisters had to fight in the civil war to please their father and in memory of their brother.  Because of this service, they are able to use their service time against the time they have to spend on their land to get a homestead credit.  While her sisters have slipped nicely into this role, Kylie would rather be doing more civilized things.
While trying to fix her roof, she gets found out when the land agent Aaron stops by.  She tries to play it off, but eventually comes clean.  I liked how she tried to please everyone, but eventually wound up doing what she needed for herself.  I don't know what it would have been like to have gone through what she did, but it was interesting to find out.  I look forward to finding out what will happen with the family next.
I received this book free from the publisher for review.