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Safety in Blunders (The Worst Detective Ever Book 3) by Christy Barritt

Joey seems to find trouble wherever she goes.  While out hiking she stumbles across a mermaid tail and soon finds herself getting involved in all kinds of things trying to figure out where it came from and what led up to its placement in the preserve.   She also finds herself still  in the company of Zane and Jackson as they both are able the help her keep safe as she investigates.
    I have enjoyed reading this series and love how quickly it has been coming out so I can see what happens next as well as how the investigation into her father is going.
    I received a copy of the book from the author, but the review is entirely my own.

When the Grits hit the Fan by Maddie Day

I have been patiently awaiting this next book in the Country Store Mystery and loved it.  ( I had the fortunate privilege of finding the series after the first two books were already out).  I love the Country Store/Restaurant and it makes me hungry to think of all the good food that is served there and it makes me want to try the recipes that are included in the book.  I would also like to meet some of the characters that hang out there, as long as one of them is not a murderer.
     Robbie finds herself involved in solving the murder of a professor when she and her friend Lou din them while exploring the outdoors.  When Lou is deemed a suspect, Robbie decides to clear his name even though it exposes her to danger as well.
      I received a copy of this book from the author, but the review is entirely my own.

Murder is No Accident by A. H. Gabhart

This has been a fun series as it ties a good mystery with great characters.  I love the small town atmosphere and how Maggie feels that using the old mansion is just the ticket to make her stories work.  She find more than she bargained for though when people start turning up dead.  I enjoyed the suspense of the book and how Maggie wanted to stay quiet about her involvement, but would up quite involved instead.
     I received a copy of this from the publisher, but the review is entirely my own.

When Tides Turn by Sarah Sundin

I have enjoyed reading this series and since I have been studying about WW2 in school, I enjoyed it all the more.  I have liked being about to tie what I have learned in history class with what is in the book because even though it is fiction, it was well researched and gave me a different view on things.  I also enjoyed seeing how the characters interacted even though it was a change of pace for both of them.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, but the review is entirely mine.

A Stolen Heart by Amanda Cabot

A wonderful story set in 1880 Texas.  Lydia Crawford has to work to gain the trust and understanding of the town, she realizes that she has a long road ahead of her.  It takes a turn for the worse when she realizes that her fiance is missing and already married.
    I liked the spunk of Lydia as she had to adapt to her surroundings and learned who she could trust.  This was a great book that I had to work hard to not skip to the end to confirm what happened.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, but the review is my own.

To the Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden

I was excited to see a new book out by this author and loved every page of it.  I  love the way she incorporates historic events into her stories and gives me a perspective as to how it was for the people involved in the events.
     Jenny thought that Ryan had betrayed her many years ago, but he had to do it in service to his country.  When they meet up again many years later, he still cannot open up to her, but soon a solution presents itself.  Jenny finds herself not knowing exactly what she should do, but having to trust in making the right decision.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but the review is entirely my own.

Grace and the Preacher by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I enjoyed reading this book and learning about Grace's correspondence and hope for a different future.  I think it would be neat to get to know someone through letters, but would still be very cautious before revealing too much without having some type of verification of who I was corresponding with.
    I also enjoy books that have some type of forgiveness as it helps me to remember to give others a second chance.
    I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books, but the review is my own.

More from the author.  

Witch Chocolate Fudge (BEWITCHED BY CHOCOLATE Mysteries ~ Book 2) by H.Y. Hanna

I enjoyed reading the next book in this series and finding out what happened next.  I love reading books where animals  and chocolate are involved and this one  does not disappoint.  Caitlyn is accused of murder and realizes that she must clear her name to lose the suspicion of the others in the village.  I also liked see how her relationship with James is progressing and how she is continuing to find out more about her family.  Can't wait for book three to come out to find out what happens next.
   I received a copy of the book from the author , the review is my own.

Elementary, She Read by Vicki Delaney

I love a good mystery and this one was great.  Gemma has returned to London to manage her Great Uncle's shop.  I liked how when she found something she took the initiate to get it back to the owner even after running into a dead body and finds herself the main suspect.  It is a great book for any mystery lover.

Message in a Bottle by Joanne Bischof (Author), Amanda Dykes (Author), Heather Day Gilbert (Author), Jocelyn Green (Author), Maureen Lang (Author)

I really enjoyed getting to read this book and one of the great things was the book itself. I loved the way the pages felt and it added to the atmosphere of the book.  I loved the story of faith that was interwoven throughout the book  It was interesting to see how the bottle made its way to all of the main characters and how it filled a need that they all had.   Each of the characters is strong her her own way, but facing some type of battle that they need hope and courage to get through.
     As an enjoyer of history, I also liked seeing how the stories depicted the customs and ways of the time period as the journey takes place over around 700 years.  It was interesting to see how some things are the same over time, while at the same time progress is made.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but the review is my own.

For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund

For Love and Honor is a great story that tells the tale of Lady Sabine and Sir Bennett. It is an enjoyable read of teens and adults alike and I really got into the story.  I enjoyed seeing how they were able to get around some of the obstacles that they felt were holding them back to work together to trust each other.  The each feel like they have something to hide, but learn to put their trust in more.
    I received a copy of the book from the author, but the review is my own.

Saved by the Lawman by Margaret Daley

Kate is a family court judge who has made someone so upset that they try to kidnap her son, but thankfully Chase a policeman is there to step in and stop the attempt.  He realizes that they are in more danger and works to keep them safe and loses his heart in the process.  I love seeing how he falls for Kate and her son and keep them safe as well.

Saved by a SEAL by Susan Sleeman

Saved by a SEAL is a very suspenseful read that will keep you reading to find out what happens next.  I enjoyed the interactions between Bree and Clint  as they worked together to find out what really happened to Bree's friends.  I also liked how Clint was willing to do what it took to keep Bree and Ella safe.
     I received a copy of the book from the author, but the review is my own.


Reign of Error by Christy Barritt

Joey is at it again in this next installment of her life after acting.  She has been suckered into participating in a polar plunge and the person who went in next to her winds up dead and she is a suspect.  Not liking being in this position and finding out that he has a link to her missing father, she makes a vow to find the killer, no matter what the cost.
     I enjoyed reading this book and following the life of Joey and finding out how she handles all that is going on her life.  Can't wait for more.
    I received a copy of the book from the author, but the review is my own.