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A Pinch of Poison by Alyssa Maxwell

I have enjoyed this series (A Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery) and was happy to see the next book come out.  Lady Phoebe seems to find herself in the middle of things and in this book it is no exception.  She has organized a luncheon and unfortunately someone gets poisoned at it.  Because there were many people involved, Phoebe and her lady's maid, Eva find themselves trying to sort out what happened.
      I like seeing how Phoebe thinks and the interaction between the characters.  It was interesting to see how the different classes "interacted" during this time.

Where Does Love Hide? by Mary Manz Simon (Author), Hannah Wood (Illustrator)

Where Does Live Hide? is a children's book that shows and shared love.  It is an interactive book where the adult or child can lift the flaps to see where love hides as well as a short Bible verse that goes with the situation on the page.  It has great illustrations and by repeating phrases, it helps young readers to be able to read along.    
     This is a cute book that I hope to read over and over and have read to me as well.  The pictures give a great story for those who are not yet reading so that they can tell their own story as they point out what is in the pictures.  A great addition to any collection.
      I received a copy of this book from the publisher, the review is my own.

Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer

An interesting book with a historical perspective.  James Holt finds himself in an unknown as he looks for Saffire's mother and instead finds himself in the middle of much more.  This book takes place as the  Panama Canal is being designed and built.  He finds himself down there and wants to get his business over with so he can get back home to his ranch.  What he finds draws him deeper into a web of deceit and more.
     A good read that ties in historical events with a fictional story that will keep you reading.
     More from the author can be found at
     I received this book from blogging for books.  The review is my own.

The Flaming Sword by Heather L. L. Fitzgerald

I got started on this series with the audiobook, but the are just a pleasant to read as well.  It gives your imagination a work out as you follow the adventures of Sadie Larcen and her family in the Tethered World.  Sadie must go after a threat to the Flaming Sword of Cherubthe and help to keep her bother safe as he is training to become the new ruler of the Tethered World.
     I liked seeing how Sadie is able to use her leadership skills again and forge forward even when scared or when she doesn't want to.  I liked seeing how she was able to rely on more than herself to accomplish her goal.
     A wonderful read for many ages and I look forward to more adventures of the Larcens.


Hair Raiser by

I enjoyed listening to this mystery of who is trying to sabotage the Taste of the World fundraiser and the situations that Marla finds herself in as she tries to figure out what is going on.  Marla works her way through the suspects wanting to eliminate some, but tries to be fair.  All the while she also is trying to figure out who is trying to keep Ocean Guard from taking possession of the preserve and if the two events are connected.
     I liked how she went about combining interviewing suspects, gathering clues, and finding chefs to take part in Taste of the World.  She also finds time to combine dating with sleuthing and still work her day job.
         I enjoyed the narrator of this book as well.  She did a good job in the voices for the different characters.
     This was an interesting mystery and I plan to explore more in the series.  “I voluntarily received a review copy of this audiobook from the author.”

For the Record by Regina Jennings

I love stories set in the past especially when they show a woman achieving her dreams that are not the norm of the day.  Betsy loves writing for her uncle's newspaper and expands her dreams by writing a serial for the ladies' pages.  I like how this book gives me a taste of history while peaking my interest with a good mystery.  I liked seeing how Betsy and Joel, the new lawman in town, interacted.  He really had his hands full with her as she does not at like most women of the day.
     This is a great read and a great continuation of the Ozark Mountain Romance Series.  It was great catching up with some of the characters from previous books ,but it can stand alone.
     I received a review copy from the publisher, but the review is my own.

Christmas Conspiracy by Susan Sleeman

A thrilling story by Susan Sleeman.  Rachel is having a regular day until a child at her day-car is almost kidnapped and Rachael say who did it.  Now it is up to Jake Marsh a first responder to solve the case.  As the case progresses and Jake works to protect Rachel, they begin to grow closer and learn to let go of past hurts to grow closer
     A great read that will put you in the Christmas spirit.
     I received a copy to read from the author, the review is my own.

Prose and Cons (A Magical Bookshop Mystery) by Amanda Flower

Another enjoyable chapter is the story of Violet, her grandma Daisy, and Charming Books which they run together.  On the night of a poetry reading, one of the participants turns up dead.  It is up to Violet to really find out what happened and to make sure they can't hurt anyone else.
     I enjoy seeing how the characters interact with each other and how Violet's cat Emerson seems to be everywhere at once including places that will give Violet her next clue.  I also liked how Violet worked on sorting out her relationship issues and how having one of her suitors vie for her helped her out with some of the problems the bookshop faced as a result of the death.
     This is a real page turner as it has twist and turns as Violet unravels the truth and finds out that everyone is not who they say they are.

The Devoted by Suzanne Woods Fisher

I like reading about the Amish way of life and how they come to their decisions about whether to say and grow up Amish or pursue different avenues.  Ruthie is trying to decide whether she wants to remain with her faith and family or use her money and education to go  a different route.  At the same time she is trying to decide she also must make a decision about two suitors in her life Patrick who is converting to the Amish ways of life and her ex, Luke.
     I enjoyed seeing how Ruthie came to her decision and enjoyed the trip back ot Stoney Ridge.
     I received a copy of this book for free, the review is my own.

Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

I have enjoyed this series by Irene Hannon and enjoyed learning about the third McGregor brother, Finn.  He has taken solitude in a lakeside cabin and meets up with Dana who is seeking solitude of her own as she heals from an incident.  As they get to know each other, they both help each other with their healing.  At the same time, someone starts to try to get Dana to leave her home and is soon becomes obvious that more is going on in the woods than it seems.
     This was a real page turner and I enjoyed the healing and helping aspect of the book
     I received a copy of the is book from the publisher, the review is entirely my own.

Storm: A Novel (Stone Braide Chronicles) by Bonnie S. Calhoun

This is the third book in the Stone Braide Chronicles and is just as good as the first two.  Selah has her family back, but now must work against nature and to protect those around her.  She does not feel up to the job, but I liked how she worked to do what she had to do even though she did not feel comfortable in doing it.  I liked how she took charge to finish her quest and to lead those around her.  It was quite an interesting read.
     I received  a free copy of this book.  The review is my own.

A Primary Decision: A Novel (The Worthington Destiny) by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit

This is the third book in the Worthington Destiny series and it will keep you reading.  I found myself continuing to read to find out what would happen next as Sarah Worthington finds herself a US attorney general and plunging into the job in a big way.  She keeps on pursuing what she believes in no matter what the cost.  This is a real page turner and a great conclusion to the series.
    I received a free copy of the book, the review is my own.

Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl

A great mystery full of intrigue and suspense by Nancy Mehl.  Mercy Brennan has found herself the target of a powerful gang and her boss tasks her ex Mark St Laurent to keep her safe until it all has been taken care of.  They find themselves stranded and at risk when a storm hits leaving them to take care of business by them selves.
      This book was a real page turner and I liked the chemistry between Mercy and Mark.  I liked how I was right with some of my guesses and how I was pleasantly surprised with others.  This is a great start to a new series and I look forward to more.

 I received a copy of this book for free, I reviewed it on my own.

The Cupcake Caper by Kelle Z Riley

I enjoyed this mystery that had a different take on solving things. Dr. Bree Watcon meshes together her love of science and solving puzzles with the mystery that she faces of finding her boss dead.  She finds herself juggling all the clues as well as the detective who is on the case.  Along with this she has a menagerie of animals to take care of including a cranky cat and a goose chasing dog.  I also enjoyed the recipes and the introduction to this undercover caper.
     I received a free copy of this book, the review is voluntary and my own.

From this Day Forward by Lauraine Snelling

A great end to a great series.  I love this set of books by Lauraine Snelling and love how she takes characters from her other series and expands on them because I love the town of Blessing and seeing how it has grown over time.  I enjoy seeing how the characters evolve and grow up.  I also love seeing how the town grows and how the new people are welcomed and work at fitting in.  I enjoyed seeing the interaction between Deborah and Toby and how they work at deciding what is the best for them both.  While I am sad this series is ending, I hope to see more of Blessing in a new series.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher.  The review is my own.

Wild Montana Skies (Montana Rescue) by Susan May Warren

I stories about those who risk their lives to help others intriguing and this start to a new series did not disappoint.  Kacey Fairing is home for a short time in Mercy Falls while there she has to team up with Ben King who is running Peak Rescue for his father.  They are forced to put aside their differences to work together when an emergency faces the town.
     I liked seeing how they were able to put aside what was troubling them and work together to do what they were trained to do.  I look forward to seeing more in this series
     I received a copy of the story from the publisher, the review is my own.

Another Day, Another Dali (Serena Jones Mysteries) by Sandra Orchard

Another page turner by Sandra Orchard.  I liked seeing how Serena's mind worked as she was helping to figure out who was replacing the real thing with a forgery.  As Serena investigated, she she did not always like the direction that the facts were taking her, but she continued on.  I liked guessing what would happen and was delighted when I guessed right and intrigued when I didn't.  A great read.
     I received a copy from the publisher, the review is my own.

Where Two Hearts Meet: A Novel (Prince Edward Island Dreams) by Liz Johnson

This is the second book in the Prince Edward Island Dreams series and after reading it was glad to see there would be another one.  The book tells the story of Caden and Adam.  Caden is a chef at the Red Door Inn and loves her job.  When she is asked to show a visiting journalist around, it is not in her comfort zone, but she agrees to do it.  I enjoyed the interaction between the charters and how Caden responds as she realizes that Adam is not quite who she thought he was.  I liked how thing worked as the book progressed.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is my own.

The Angel of Forest Hill: An Amish Christmas Romance by Cindy Woodsmall

A lovely story of hope and love.  Rose agrees to help Joel Dienner with his home and family.  This means leaving her family and traveling to a new place.  She hopes this will give her a chance to start over as well and give her a family to love and to be loved as well.  She knows what she is getting into, but hopes over time it can become something more
     I liked seeing the charters evolve and how some of the hurt was changed and how they allowed the changes to take place over time.
"I received this book from BloggingforBooksfor this review."

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Putting on the Witch (Retired Witches Mysteries) by Joyce Lavene and Jim Lavene

This is the third book in the series, but the first one that I have read.  I really enjoyed the writing and the characters were enjoyable.  I enjoyed their enthusiasm is getting a chance to go to the ball (who doesn't like dressing up). and of course a murder occurs.  The coven works together to find out who is responsible and I enjoyed seeing the way they thought things out to solve the mystery.  An enjoyable book that I would highly recommend.

Love's Faithful Promise by Susan Anne Mason

I enjoyed this story of hope and perseverance.  I liked how Deidre is making a difference by trying to make her way into a field that women didn't always have a chance in.  I liked how Dr. Matthew Clayborne learns to take a different look at things that he isn't sure about when he realizes that is it making a difference.
     Deirdre comes home to help care for her mother after she has a stroke.  While there she butts heads with Dr. Matthew Clayborne when she wants to participate in her mother's care.   He has agreed to come and care for Deidre's mother in exchange for being able to stay at her home of Irish Meadows while his daughter recovers from an illness.
     I received a copy of the book from the author publisher.  The review is voluntary.

The Wish by Beverly Lewis

A story of friendship that spans a time.  Leona Speicher and Gloria Gingerich are great friends who hope to become more as romance develops among family members.  It seems like the perfect life until the day that Gloria's family is expelled from the church and must move away.  Leona is devastated and hopes things will work out in the future.
     I liked how Leona was willing to stick with her friend even if it is not the popular thing to do.  She realized how much the friendship meant and willing to go after her friend even though her fiance didn't approve.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher.  The review is voluntary.

Guilty as Cinnamon: A Spice Shop Mystery by Leslie Budewitz

I enjoyed reading the next installment of the Spice Shop Mysteries.  I like Pepper's approach to figuring out what has happened and how she interacts with the other characters to find out more about the victim and is able to put together what happened.
     Pepper works at her Spice Shop in Seattle and likes see all the good foods that are made with her spices.  She is working with Tamara Langston who is opening a restaurant and when Tamara is found dead, Pepper finds herself involved in the investigation.  She realizes that if she wants things to go back to normal in the shop, she will have to do some sleuthing on her own.

Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal

This is a neat book that helps you to study and journal your ideas at the same time.  It is a departure from just writing notes and is helpful in remembering what you are studying about since you can draw and express your thoughts in different ways.  It is easy to use and works well as an addition to study time.

This Road We Traveled by Jane Kirkpatrick

I have enjoyed the many books that I have from Jane Kirkpatrick and this one was no exception.  I love seeing how she weaves actual events into her books as it makes it see more real.  I liked how strong a woman that Tabitha and how she refused to let her family be separated and how her being on the journey became very important.  It was interesting to see how life was along the journey west and how many lives were impacted along the way.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher.

The Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carlson

An enlightening story of home and love that will touch all who read it.  I loved this story as I love reading and using your gifts for what is best.   Close friends become even closer when one of their group dies, leaving them with one more challenge.  The become the Christmas Angels and work together to help those in need all the while helping themselves in return.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and review.

A Beauty Refined (Sapphire Brides) by Tracie Peterson

I have enjoyed this series by Tracie Peterson.  Phoebe has no idea of her father's plans, but is looking forward to a trip to Montana.  It is a chance to visit the US and to see a new place.  She wants to stay, but things are not going as planned.  While there she meets Ian Harper who realizes the danger she is in and works to help her out.
     I always enjoy books that tie fiction and history together as they help me learn,but put it in a way that I can remember.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review.

My Sister's Prayer (Cousins of the Dove) by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

I love the style of this series where it goes back and forth between the past and present to tell the story.  It gives you the background as well as the perspective of what is happening currently.  I enjoy the stories and learning about the events of the past in this format.  I enjoyed the story of the sisters as it shows forgiveness and love.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and review.

Guide Me Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer

As a person who loves to visit national parks and has visited Mammoth Cave several times, this book intrigued me.  I loved seeing the caves from this perspective as a guide and how Rebekah went about becoming one.  I liked seeing how she tried to keep up her disguise and loved learning about the mapping of the tunnels.  This was an enjoyable book by a great author, and I highly recommend it.
     More from the author can be found at
     I received this book from Blogging for Books to read and review.

365 Pocket Morning Prayers: Strength and Joy to Begin Each Day Leather Bound by David R. Veerman

A wonderful book to that easy to use on the go or for quiet morning devotions.  This is a great way to start your day and to help you through what trials might come your way during the day.  It is easy to use and read and just the right size.
      I plan to use it more than once and many of the devotions lead themselves to be re-read.
     I received a copy of the book from Tyndale Publishing to read and review.


Catching Heat (Cold Case Justice) by Janice Cantore

Detective Abby Hart is out to find out what exactly happened to her parents and is determined to put the person behind it behind bars.  When her work takes her near her hometown, she finds herself drawn back to the case.  PI Luke Murphy teams up with her in a newly formed task force and helps her with the case.  They soon find themselves involved in more than they expected.
     This book was a real page turner.  I liked the perspectives of the characters and how they worked together.  While this is the third book, it can be read alone, but it does refer to the previous stories.  I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good suspenseful read.
     I received this book from the publisher to read and review.

Silent Sabotage (First Responders) by Susan Sleeman

Emily Graves has taken on the task of bringing her aunt's bed-and-breakfast back to life, but soon she finds herself struggling for her own.  Someone has something to hide and they do not want her to succeed.  Archer Reed is the town sheriff and he is making is his mission to find out who is behind the problems with the B and B, but he has to convince Emily that it is in her best interest to cooperate with him.
     I really enjoyed reading this book and it is a great one that can be finished in a sitting.  I found myself not wanting to stop and wanting to turn ahead to find out what would happen next.  This is the fifth book in the First Responders Series, but you don't have to read the others to follow the story.
     I received a copy of the book from the author/publisher to read and review.

Meant to be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry

Sofia is a strong woman and can hold her own.  She finds herself facing the past as she inherits a boutique and comes back to the town she left behind to run it.  She also finds herself running back into an old flame, that did not work out well and she finds herself drawn to him again.
     This was an enjoyable read and liked the characters, especially how strong Sofia was.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to read and review.

Where Hope Prevails (Return to the Canadian West Book #3) by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

I have really enjoyed this series and as a teacher enjoy seeing how teaching was in the past.  I cannot imagine teaching that many different levels.  I would not know how to respond also to having to do a type of team teaching, especially if it were such a different philosophy than mine.
  I too would not know how to respond to her situation with Jarrick and if I could allow him to do what he felt was right even if I did not feel that it would really work in the long run.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher.

Small Note

I wish I could say I got to go a reading marathon, but instead I am catching up on some reviews that are very overdue.
     Here's to staying on top of things in the future and a marathon of posting on this lovely day off.

A Worthy Heart (Courage to Dream) by Susan Anne Mason

Another enjoyable historical fiction.  I liked seeing the travel through the characters eyes and the hopes and dreams that they have to start a new life.  The love story was enjoyable and I liked how they tried to do things the way that they should have, but worked on following their hearts as well.
    I received a copy from the publisher to read and review.

She Walks in Power (Protectors of the Spear Book 1) by MaryLu Tyndall

I enjoyed this story of trust and belief.  Alexia has spent her life protecting the Spear and has had to live part of her life hidden in the forest to escape those who want to kill her.  She has manage to still provide for her village and care for her sister all the while trying to keep safe.  Ronar falls for Alexia and soon finds himself in a greater battle than he has ever fought trying to defeat the wicked forces at the castle.
    I liked how strong Alexia was to go through what she did and still manage to do what she was appointed to do a a young age.  I liked how Ronar worked to do what he felt was right even if he wasn't always sure of it.
    An enjoyable age for many ages.
    I received a copy of this book from the author to read and review.    

Silk Stalkings (A Material Witness Mystery) by Diane Vallere

I was intrigued by the cover of this book and the contents did not disappoint.  Poly Monroe has the privilege of providing the fabric to create the gowns for the Miss Tangorii pageant and is very happy.  This will give her shop great advertisement and be great for business.  This all changes as Harvey Halliwell is found dead and Poly feels compelled to figure out what has happened.
     I enjoyed following the story to figure out what happened and why.  The clues kept me guessing and I liked seeing how Poly reasoned it out.  This is the third book in the series and I plan to go back and read the first two.
     I received a copy of the book to read and review from the author.

Murder at Rough Point (A Gilded Newport Mystery) by Alyssa Maxwell

After reading the first three books in this series, I was very happy to find out that there would be another book.  I love the insight as to how they lived during this time and it makes me want to visit the area of Rhode Island where they take place.  I can just imagine attending the parties and dressing up during this time.
     I also enjoy how the mystery is laid out and solved.  Emma is a girl ahead of her time and I enjoy seeing how she is a part of the upper crowd, but still herself as well.  I think it would be fun to get into what she does, minus the dead bodies of course.
    I would highly recommend this book (or any of the others) to read.
     I was given a copy of the book to read and review.

God Gave Us Thankful Hearts by Lisa Tawn Bergren and art by David Holm

I love this series of books and have been looking forward to this one ever since I saw a sneak peak on the author's website.  The illustrations are wonderful and it is always fun reading first for myself and then with little children at church.  They love picking out parts of the picture and relating it to things they do.  I loved the story line and it reminded me of thing I have to be thankful for even when I don't realize it.  I enjoyed seeing Little Pup realize all the things he has to be thankful for even thought he there were things he didn't like too.
     More from the author can be found at
"I received this book from BloggingforBooksfor this review."

The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala (A Book Club Mystery) by Laura DiSilverio

This is the third book in the Book Club Mystery series.  I had not read the previous two, but they are now on my reading list as I very much enjoyed this one.  I liked how Amy-Faye and the Readaholics worked together to solve the mystery of finding the killer.  They have to work with several suspects as the murder takes place during the festivities of the Celebration of Gothic Novels and the body is found at a costume party.
      I enjoyed seeing the logic employed at solving the murder as the group worked together contributing what skill they did best.  I love to read myself, so a book about a book club was intriguing.  I would love to be able to interact with a group like they do, minus the dead bodies of course.
     I would highly recommend this book and the series.  I received a copy of the book to read and review from the author/publisher.

Magnolia Moonlight (Secrets of the South Mysteries Book 3) by Mary Ellis

I enjoy books set in places that I have been to as it makes me feel a part of the story and the Secrets of the South mystery series do just that.  The third book in the series, Magnolia Moonlight takes place in  Mississippi.  Nate Price and his wife, Izzy are on their honeymoon, but their pleasure trip turns a bit sour when Izzy's ex husband appears and they have to sort out somethings that he is involved in.  Meanwhile while they are gone, Beth Kirby and Michael Preston are holding down the agency at home, and find themselves investigating the death of a preacher.
     I like "seeing" familiar sites within the book, but the author does a great job of description so that you feel you have been there even if you are unfamiliar with the sites.  I liked seeing how Michael and Beth had to work with their different styles to get the job done.  This is a great book for mystery lovers and those who like a bit of romance both.
     I received a copy of the book from the publi…

A Heart Most Certain by Melissa Jagears

Lydia King is doing her best to stay afloat and help others at the same time. Her father is not doing well financially and her mother is sick.  Lydia sets out to help others, but soon finds herself needing to help herself.  She is working with the Teaville Moral Society to collect donations for those less fortunate and is trying to land herself a wealthy suitor at the same time.  Instead she finds herself unsuccessful trying to get a donation from the most wealthy man in town, Nicholas Lowe, and instead teaming up with him to help others together.
      I liked seeing how Lydia teamed up with Nicholas even when it was not her best choice.  I liked seeing the motives behind why they were doing things and how sometimes even when it wasn't for the best reasons, things could still work out.  I liked how they learned about trust and how to work together.  I also always enjoy reading books set in historical settings as it is interesting to see how things worked in the past.

Deadly Encounter by DiAnn Mills

In Deadly Encounter (book 1 in the FBI Task Force series)  FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc must be cautious with his conclusions when a body is found near the airport.  He has to be careful in sorting out who could be responsible and what all is tied together.  He also has to be cautious in his impression of Stacy who found the body, especially when she finds herself involved in other incidents that seem tied to the case.
      I liked this new series and how Stacy seemed to be able to handle what was put upon her.  I liked how Alex was able to work around his past and think a bit differently this time.  This book was well written and the characters interacted well.  I like the other characters in the book and how they contributed as well.   I look forward to the next book.
      I received a copy of the book to read and review from the publisher.

Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers by Jo Firestone

This is a fun game to play with family or friends.  I like that it is compact and can be taken to play when visiting friends.  My family enjoyed pulling the cards and trying to come up with the puns.  There were plenty of cards to let us play more than once.  Enjoyable for all.
I received this game from blogging for books to read and review.

Without Warning by Lynette Eason

Without Warning is book two in the Elite Guardians series, but it is a stand alone book.  Katie Singleton finds herself with another job as she finds herself protecting the uncle of one of her students.  She finds herself taking the job almost by accident as she finds herself with the uncle when there is trouble as some of his restaurants.  She finds herself drawn to Riley's uncle Daniel in several ways and vows to figure out what is going on.
      As I read this book, I did not see the ending coming.  It was very much a twist and much worth reading the book for.  I liked how Daniel was  a good uncle keeping his niece in the loop and not wanting her to find out about things in a way that was not through him.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher.

No Way Up by Mary Connealy

I got a taste of this book by reading the novella The Boden Birthright and looked forward to learning more of this story.  When Chance Boden is injured in an avalanche, he patched up and then sent to Denver to try to better evaluate and treat his injuries.  While he is gone, the ranch hands that are left behind realize that the avalanche was not accidental and work to figure out what really happened.
     Also Chance's children must adhere to a part of a will that he has written and decides to enact not knowing the outcome of his healing.
     The book was full of turns and with the characters learning who to trust even when they feel different.  I liked how the father wanted to have his children together again, but would not be sure how I would feel if I had to leave my current life to go home again.
      A very suspenseful tale that will have you wanting to skip ahead to see how it all comes out, but will keep you reading as not to miss any of the clues.
     I received a…

Random Acts of Greed by Christy Barritt

Another book in the Holly Anna  Paladin Mysteries.  I love seeing how Holly has decided to live life to the fullest and in this book, she gets a taste of motherhood.  When a baby is left on her front porch, Holly finds her life turned upside down.  I liked seeing how she and bff Jaime managed to investigate while still taking care of the baby and how she worked around Alex not liking her being involved.
     This book was anything but predictable as they tried to think who the baby could belong to and work around finding clues and interviewing those who they think could be involved.  A great story and  I look forward to more.
       I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

To Follow Her Heart by Rebecca DeMarino

This is book three in the Southold Chronicles and is just as enjoyable as the first two.  In this book you are transported to the sea of the 17th century and feel like you are on the ship, participating in the battles, and a part of the loved ones waiting back at home for news of what has happened.  Patience is waiting for news of Captain Jeremy Horton and when she learns that his ship has crashed, she is devastated.  In the meantime, Jeremy is actually safe and has been rescued and is making his way back home.
      I really enjoyed reading this book and hated leaving the tales of Patience and Jeremy as I could see myself right along with them.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher.


The Painter's Daughter by Julie Klassen

I enjoyed reading the Painter's Daughter as it had a historical background, but also romance and working at doing what was right.  Captain Stephen Overtree has had to look out and clean up after his brother Wesley many times and he finds himself having to do it again as he meets Sophie.  Wesley has left Sophie and she is also pregnant.  When Stephen realizes this, he decides to marry her and send her to live on his family's estate.  They are both uncomfortable with the circumstances, but feel it is the best choice for the situation.  I liked reading this book and seeing how the characters interacted.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher.

Much Ado About Muffin by Victoria Hamilton

I had really enjoyed this author's Vintage Kitchen series so I decided to give her Merry Muffin Mysteries a try to and have enjoyed them just as much.  This is the fourth book in the series and it is still as good as the first ones.  I like how her Merry seem to come fall into the mystery and stumble across the murders and feel like she has to do what she can to solve them even though sometimes those around her feel like she needs to stay out of trouble.  I like how Merry wants to see the right person put away for the crime and goes about investigating in her own way to find out who that is.  I also love the recopies at the end of the book and can just see Merry making some of them and wanting to give them a try myself.
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

Deep Shadows is a book that really makes you think how much we depend on electricity for everything.  Even things we don't associate with it, depends on it one way or another.  It also is a book that makes you think about how we have to depend on others.  Sometimes someone has a strength that we need and we have to learn to trust work with them even if it goes against what we want.
      This is an insightful as well as a page turning book and I hope that others will give it a try.

Disillusioned by Christy Barritt

Disillusioned was a very suspenseful book that kept me guessing until the end.  Just about the time I thought I had something figured out, it would either turn out to be something else, or right with a twist.  I really enjoy that about the author's books and it keeps me waiting for more.  I also liked how it addressed how some of the people who come back from the military need help and that there are many different ways to address that.
     In the book Nikki has to do all she can to keep her bother safe, as well as help him to overcome some of the issues he has had since coming back from Columbia.  She is not sure who exactly she can trust, but her brother feels like they can trust Kade, who is a former SEAL.  Since Nikki has a past with Kade, she is unsure of working with him, but does what she thinks best.
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

Fraying at the Edge by Cindywoodsmall

Fraying at the Edge is the second book in the Amish of Summer Grove series.  It is different than many of the Amish books that I have read in that it switches two girls into different lives.  Ariana who has grown up Amish must now spend some time with her very different English birth parents, while Syler is spending time in the Amish world trying to get her life sorted out.
    This book was very interesting to read to see just how different the girls' lives were as well as seeing how difficult it would be to try to go and live as the other had been.  The ways of life are very different and I can just imagine how difficult is was for them to have to make this change.

More from the author can be found here

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."


An Elegant Facade by Kristi Ann Hunter

I liked the characters in An Elegant Facade and how they were not perfect.  They each had their issues and has to learn to work around them in order to do what is really best.  Georgina is trying to find a rich husband without really worrying about who is is and her attraction to him.  Colin is trying to become more accepted as he doesn't have the right background to go with his money and business status.
     I liked how the characters seemed to learn to work together for their common goals.  This is the second book in the series and it does help to have read the first one although many things are in the second book as well to help you out.
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

Missing by Lisa Harris

Missing is the second book in the Nikki Boyd Files and is another great action mystery.  I liked seeing how the author was able to combine the new story and mix in some of the ongoing story that involves Nikki's sister.  This book added to what we knew of the characters from the first story, but in such a way that you did not have to had read it.
     Nikki usually works with missing persons, but when a homicide involves a missing person as well, she finds herself involved.  She then finds herself involved personally when the case takes her to a boat of a friend of hers and she finds herself protecting his family as well.  The book combined the elements of Nikki's personal life as well as her professional life in a way that you found yourself wanting to turn to the back of the book to see how it all was going to turn out.
     I received a copy from the author to read and review.

The Tethered World by Heather L.L. FitzGerald

The Tethered World is a great book for all ages.  It chronicles the journey of Sadie Larcen and her siblings as they enter a new world looking to rescue their parents.  I loved seeing the encounters that she had with the inhabitants of this new world, the Tethered World and learning how it all came about.  As the journey continues, Sadie not only learns more about this new world, but about herself as well.  I enjoyed seeing how she was able to overcome things that she was not comfortable with, but still remained herself.  She grew up some, did not change completely. I liked that as some books make the main character seem to do a complete change that is not always believable.  I had the pleasure of listening to this on audio book which made it even better.  The narrator did a great job on the different voices for the characters and the special effects made you feel like you were a part of the story.
     I received a copy of the audio book from the publisher to listen to and revie…

A Love to Treasure by Kimberly Rose Johnson

This book has a great way to spend a summer break, embarking on a scavenger hunt and finding a bit of romance.  Nicole is fulfilling her Grandmother's final wish and finds herself in Sunriver, Oregon searching for clues in a scavenger hunt.  I liked seeing how Nichole was able to enjoy her time even though all did not go as planned.  The resort that she is at seems like a great place to visit and I always enjoy a good mystery and this book had more than one.
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

Dark Harbor by Christy Barritt

Madelyn is trying to make a name for herself by moving above the travel articles she usually writes and trying to write a story exposing a small town police chief.  She unfortunately finds herself liking Chief Zach Davis and doing her best to not let on her true purpose as things keep happening to her.  It seems that someone does not want her to write the article.
      This book kept me thinking and it did not turn out the way I thought. I was sure I knew who what behind everything and why, but nope and that is why I really enjoy reading books by this author.
      I received a copy of this book to read and review from the author.

Wait until Dark by Christy Barritt

An intriguing tale that covers a span of time of family history.  Felicity has no idea of the secrets held in her family's past, but when her life comes into danger, she soon does some digging and deciphering.  I enjoyed seeing her family history come to light and I how Brody was able to help her with this adventure.  It was intriguing to see how all the clues came together and what her family history holds.
      I would highly recommend this book .
      I received a copy from the author to read and review,

Kill Devil by Mike Dellosso

Kill Devil is the second book in the Jed Patrick series.  Jed is doing all he can to to do the right thing.  He has done what he though was a thorough job of moving and changing their identities, but when he is found again, he must decide what to do that will be best for his family, even if he does not agree with it.
     I enjoyed reading this book as it kept me guessing what would turn up next and what Jed would end up doing.  It was all I could do to not turn ahead to see what would happens so I could not just anticipate what would happen next.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and review.

The Quieting by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Another great book by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  I always enjoy reading her books as the give a new story and let you catch up with what else has been going on with old characters.  While this is book two, it can stand alone.
      I found the genealogical research interesting as I did the feud which was somewhat linked.  I liked seeing how Abigail's family seemed to act like other families with having their issues and trying to do what they thought best even if it was not what everyone else wanted.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher.

Sea Rose Lane by Irene Hannon

This is the second book in Irene Hannon's Hope Harbor series and is great.  I like seeing how Eric and  BJ work together to create the program for the seniors even though they are still not quiet sure what to think of each other.  It is always nice to see how people can work out their differences to help out others.  I liked seeing how Eric was to get past the changes he was having to go through even though he was not happy about all the changes he learned to work around them and found things to work out for the better.
     I received this book to read and review from the publisher.

I Draw on Cats by A.R. Coffelt

This was an interesting book.  I liked the cats in it and the art part was a different twist .  I  liked seeing the transformation of the cats to see their alter egos.  It is a different type of book and utilized a bit of imagination.
More InfoAuthor Bio "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

My Brother's Crown by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

This was a fascinating book in how it told the story from the present day view as well as the past when it all originated.  I liked learning the history of the book as well as how it traveled to its present day location.  This is a great book to read and I liked the mystery that was a part of the story as well.

All Summer Long by Melody Carlson

This is the second book in the Follow Your Heart series and is a great summer read.  Tia is helping her aunt get a luxury yacht ready for sunset tours and dinner cruises.  She is glad to be back in San Francisco and even gladder when she reconnects with an old friend.  Things don't go quite as planned when she realizes that her friend doesn't feel the same for her as she does for him.
     I liked seeing how the characters worked together and allowed things to become worked out as needed. It was also interesting to see how the business came about and their working together.
     While this is a young adult book, it will appeal to all ages.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and review.

From this Moment by Elizabeth Camden

I got a taste of this book when I read the novella Summer of Dreams and could not wait to see what would happen next.  This book tells the story of Romulus White and his cousin Evelyn and the scientific magazine that they run.  It also tells of their relationships with Stella West, an artist, and Clyde, Evelyn's estranged husband.
     Romulus has been trying to get Stella to come and work for the magazine and I enjoyed seeing how it came about.  She has her own agenda for being in Boston and they come to an agreement that suits both of them.  Evelyn has poured all she has into the magazine as she and Clyde have parted ways, but a job and an accident brings them in contact again and it was nice to see them giving things a chance given their close working quarters.
     The story was enjoyable and I liked seeing how inventions were taking hold and how the public reacted to many of the changes that were going on during this time.  It is always enjoyable to learn something as we…

Forever Safe by Jody Hedlund

Loving lighthouses and historical fiction like I do made this a great book to read.  I have enjoyed reading each book in this series and this one was just as great.  It is a stand alone book, but if you haven't read the others, you will want to go back to enjoy them as well.
     Victoria feels like she has the perfect life and is ready to marry her fiance.  Her life is in danger though and her father hires Tom Cushman to protect her.  He winds up hiding her at the Cape Cod Race Point Lighthouse to keep her safe and to isolate her from those who want to bring her harm.  This is a struggle for Victoria as she is away from all that is familiar.
     I loved seeing the relationship develop between Victoria and Tom and how they were able to work things out even though it wasn't comfortable for either one of them.
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

Murder Handcrafted by Isabella Alan

Another great adventure of Angie and her faithful companion Oliver.  Things have started to settle down for Angie until her mom decides to remodel her house.  During this time her dad gets hurt and they have to hire outside help.  Then the electrician is found dead and the new help is blamed for it.
      I liked seeing how Angie was able to tie together the parts of the story and was able to see how they were related and why they seemed reluctant to share the truth.  And as always I love seeing what Oliver, Dodger,  and Petunia have been up to in this story.  This is a great book and a great series and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a good read with humor thrown in.
     I received a copy from the author/publisher to read and review.

Through the Shadows by Karen Barnett

This is the third book in the San Francisco series and very enjoyable.  I liked learning about the life there after the earthquake and the issues that faced the people. Some were things you would think of, while others surprised me.
     Elizabeth is trying to help out those who are less fortunate, but sometimes finds herself over her head.  She finds herself teaming up with Charles who is an attorney, but is not sure just how much to really share about herself.
      I would recommend this book for a great read and to learn a bit about history as well.
     I received a copy of the book to read and review from the publisher.

Killerball at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison

I really enjoyed having a chance to read this book.  I love a good mystery and this one did not dissapoint.  Kit Stanford is just trying to do her job when she stubles across a mummy in the abandoned wing of the church.  As she tries to figure out what is going on she finds out all kinds of things about hidden chambers and unknown treasures.
     I had a hard time putting down this book to take care of other things and am planning to find the others in the series so that I can keep up with the characters.
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

They were Christians by Cristobal Krusen

In choosing this book, I was curious as to what people would be included besides the ones mentioned and some surprised me.  I was glad to see many names that I recognized in the book and how many came about their faith.  It is always great see influential people living their faith.  This book is a great encouragement especially in today's world as it gives hope that influential people can still let their faith be know weather they are bold or just having it a part of their everyday life.
     This is a great read and can be read in sections when you have time.
     I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher. 

Every Bride has her Day by Janice Thompson

Every Bride has her day is a book by an author that I have come to enjoy.  Her books have this way about them that has you finishing the book before you know it because of how they flow.  In this book Katie Fisher is planning her wedding and like all things in Texas is it big.  She wants do things her way to make her day special, but feels like she needs to take into consideration the thoughts of her family and friends as well.  It was funny to see some of the things that came to light in this book as she tried to get it all together for the big day.
     I received this book from the publisher to read and review.

Murder Comes by Mail by A. H. Gabhart

I love cozy mysteries and this one was great.   It is book two in the Hidden Springs Mysteries, but it is ok to read first.  When photos of a dead girl begin arriving in the mail, the sheriff find himself concerned about just who the killer is and fears it is someone that he has had contact with before.  He finds himself racing the clock so that someone he knows does not become the next victim. 
     This was a great page turner and it was hard to not turn to the end of the book to see how it would all turn out.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.

The Gift of Friendship editied by Dawn Camp

This is a great collection of stories telling of friendships over time and how they became friends and how many of the friendships have stood the test of time.  It was great to see all these stories and be able to read a few at a time.  They were enlightening and great to read when you just needed some encouragement.
     I received a copy from the publisher to read and review.

The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #2 by Mary Connealy, Amanda Cabot , and Maureen Lang

This is a great collection of stories where each one can be quickly read and you can save another for later.  I like stories in the past and this set did not disappoint.  I have read books by these authors before and it was great to get another story from them in this collection.  Each story has the characters coming together in unusual circumstances and each one has to learn to trust to make it all work out.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.

Wonderland by Amily Shen

I have been interested in the coloring book craze so I choose this book to see what it was all about.  This one had the added bonus of having content that I was familiar with, Alice in Wonderland.  The scenes were well drawn and easy to color.  The paper was nice as it was a bit thick to allow for the coloring.  It is divided up into sections that make it easy to follow along with the story, or to choose what you want to color that day.  It also has some extra things to do within the book besides enjoy the pictures and story.
"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review." More InfoAuthor Bio

Her One and Only by Becky Wade

This is a great series by Becky Wade and I like the military aspect that she has put into the books.  I enjoyed seeing Dru prove herself to her assignment, and I can see his concern for a woman to be "protecting" a big football player, but she holds her own.
     I liked the trust aspect of the book as it is always hard to put your trust in someone else when you feel you can do a better job on your own.
      I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and review.

The Final Tap by Amanda Flower

The Final Tap by Amanda Flower is a great mystery.  Kelsey has invited an expert to come and teach a workshop on maple sugar.  He is not a well liked man but when he gets killed, it causes problems all around.  Kelsey has to solve the mystery before it shuts down the festival as well as Barton Farms as well. 
    I liked seeing how the Farm worked and the characters interacted.  It is always fascinating to see how people worked and lived in the past and to learn many of the activities still go on today.
     I received a copy from the publisher to read and review.


Rx Murder by Richard Mabry

I had the pleasure of listening to this book and I really liked the way that you could tell what character was talking by the different voices used by the narrator.  The story itself had many twists and turns and did not end the way I thought it would.  Even though it is a short story that I was able to finish while doing work around the house, it still packed much information.  I would be pulling for one character and then there would be a twist.  I would recommend this book to read or listen to.  It is a quick listen/read and was very enjoyable.
     I received a copy of the audio book to listen to and review.

A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton

This is another great novel by Lori Benton that tells the story of how the past has come back to the future.  Twenty years Reginald stole a baby boy and raised him as his own.  Now that the truth has come to life, he has to deal with the consequences and with what people think of his actions.
     I would have had problems if this was something that had happened within my family. I am sure that at the time it seemed ok, but now he has to seek the forgiveness that is offered to him.  This is always hard to to, especially when you are confronted with the past on a constant basis.
"I received this book fromBlogging for Booksfor this review."
More InfoAuthor Bio

Berry the Hatchet by Peg

I have enjoyed reading a book from an author new to me and went back and purchased the first book in the series as well.  It was great to see the festivities that went on in the town and how they turned into a mystery as the mayor turned up dead.  It sounds like a great place to visit (minus the murder).  It was great reading and seeing how Monica was able to sort out the clues and find out who was responsible.  It was a great book to read in a couple of sessions as it was easy to keep up with what was going on in the book.
     I received a copy of the book for free to read and review.

Brooklyn on Fire by Lawrence H. Levy

I had not tried this author before, but I liked the way it was written and kept me turning the pages to find out how the story would progress.  I like mysteries and I especially liked how this one followed the clues no matter where the clues took them.  I also liked how the characters had personal ties to the job they had to catch the killer as it made it more relevant for them.

More Info

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

The Atonement by Beverly Lewis

The Atonement tells the story of Lucy Flaud and how she had devoted her life to volunteering and and trying to atone for mistakes of the past.  Due to something that happened long ago, she no longer feels worthy of having a family and a normal life.  Through her father, she meets Dale Wyeth, who is an Englisher.  She soon grows closer to him and soon begins to realize that redemption and forgiveness is possible.
     I felt bad for Lucy for feeling that there was nothing she could do and that others would not forgive and accept her for who she was.  I was glad to see that she was able to open up and allow herself the opportunity to grow again.
     I received this book from the publisher to review.

The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

The Magnolia Duchess is the third book in the Gulf Coast Series and all have been great.  I was drawn to this series and this book because they are set in the Gulf Coast and I am familiar with the area. It is always nice to try to draw from knowledge and try to see the scenes in my head.
     Fiona's family is very familiar with the sea as they are shipbuilders and her brother has been forced into the British Navy.  During this time she meets up with Charlie who was involved in a shipwreck near her home.  While taking care of him, the soon begin to care for each other, but as Charlie's memory returns, they soon find obstacles to this new found romance.
     I liked seeing how the culture plays out and how the goings on were during this time.  I really enjoy historical fiction because it gives me a taste of how things were.
     I received a copy of the book to read and review and would highly recommend it.

Your Teenager is Not Crazy by Dr. Jeramy Clark and Jerusha Clark

I chose this book because of the title and since I work with teenagers on a daily basis.  I had hoped that it would give my some insight in how to deal with them especially on days when things didn't seem to be going as it usually did.  This book was helpful it how it gave insight into how and why they think and how to deal with some of the situations that occur over time.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has, will have, or works with teens.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and review.

Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon

I love following this series and their characters and seeing them grow up and evolve.  I have followed Dooley and Lace from the start and now it is time for their big day.  Come Rain or Come Shine tells of the days leading up to Lace and Dooley' s wedding  and all that is going into it.  The have decided to have a nice country wedding with a potluck reception, but soon find out that there is more to it than first thought.  I loved how the Flower sisters came to the rescue and how the entire "family" helped out.
      There are some old and some new characters in the book and we  learn more about how how the families are formed, the heartaches involved from the past and future, and much forgiveness.  I loved seeing all the work that went into their wedding day, learning about Dooley's new job, and hope for more in the future.
     I received a copy to read and review, and also checked out an audio book to listen as well.

Song of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti

When Lucy has to retire from a job she loves and her father started, she feels a great loss.   While her husband has retired as well, he cannot seem to understand the loss she feels.  Lucy feels that she has not only lost her position, but maybe her faith as well.
     I have not had a job or anything I was as passionate about as Lucy was, but I can see where she is coming from. It is hard to let something go that you have put so much in especially the way that she has to give up her passion.  I liked seeing how she worked things out and has to deal with the other issues in her life as well.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and review.

Necessary Proof by Camy Tang

A great tale of suspense where Alex had turned over a new leaf, but someone is not happy about it and works to make it look like he has turned back to his past.  Jane is the computer tech whose job is it to prove that Alex is innocent or guilty.
     As Jane gets closer to the truth they both find their lives on the line as someone does not want the truth found.
      I enjoyed this book and liked the interactions between the characters.  It was interesting to see how their faith played out to help them in the times of crisis.
     I received a copy of the book to read and review.

Breach of Crust by Ellery Adams

Ella Mae is a great baker and she finds herself with the opportunity to help out the Camellia Club with their cookbook.  She is going to their annual retreat to show the members the best way to carry out the recipes in the book, but while there finds herself caught up in more.  She finds Beatrice Burbank, the clubs president dead.  Ella Mae finds herself once again caught in a mystery, but this time has to rely on more than her magic to help her out.
     While I had not read the previous books in this series, I had no trouble following this book.  I loved the characters and the way the book progressed.  A recommended read and the recipes are worth trying out as well.
     I received a copy of the book to read and review from the author.

Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne

Back in the Saddle is the story of Colt Stafford and his return home.  He has to admit defeat on Wall Street and return home to the Double S ranch t help out his ailing father.  He runs into an unexpected surprise when he get there in the form of ranch manager, Angelina Morales and a not so welcome home from his brother.
     This book showed how family has to work together even when it is not what everyone wants.  Colt has to learn to work with not only his brother, but also work at smoothing things over with the town the ranch is near.  The family has to take a hard look at things and decide what is necessary for all to work out for the best.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

More about the book can be found here  and more about the author here

Thin Ice by Irene Hannon

A very suspenseful book that leaves you guessing to the truth and what will occur next.  Christy is trying to get back to a normal life after losing her family in a series of tragic accidents that are looking like they are not accidents after all.  She winds up working with FBI Special Agent Lance McGregor to sort it all out and to keep herself safe as well.
    I great book that had me wanting to find out what would happen and why it was happening.
     I received a copy of this book free to review from the publisher.

The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson

I like books where people come to a different place to heal and wind up finding more than they hoped for.  Sometimes I think it would be neat to go to an out of the way place for a while, do something new and come away for the better.
     Marie Carrington comes to Prince Edward Island to help renovate a bed-and-breakfast and has to work with Seth Sloane to make it all happen.  They have to work fast to get it all together and ready to open in  a few months time.  He doesn't like the idea of working with her, and she is skittish around him.
     The Red Door inn sounds like a great place to stay and reflect and rejuvenate and I look forward to more in this series.
     I receive this book free to read and review from the publisher.

A Powerful Secret by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit

A story of family, politic, and mystery.  Sean Worthington is confused when his brother decides to walkaway from his Senate run and Sean is left to figure out why and to pick up the pieces.  I liked the family bond is this book and how it gave some insight into the political world.  I could see the anguish the younger son had as he had to try to deal with what his brother did without the full support of his family.
      I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher.

A Fool and His Monet by Sandra Orchard

A little different book than I am accustomed to from this author, but a good read nonetheless.  A Fool and his Monet bell the story of Serena Jones and adventures with recovering artwork that has been lost or stolen.  She gets a call about a Monet that is missing and goes to work
     Serena is not your traditional FBI member.  Her adventures leave you laughing as well and wanting what will happen next.  The twists and turns in the book leave you guessing what will happen next and who will be involved.
     I received this book free from the publisher to read and review.

Burning Proof by Janice Cantore

Burning Proof is the second book in the Cold Case series.  While it uses characters from the first book, it can be read without having read the first book.  Abby Hart is a detective who has decided to move on from trying to find out the truth about the death of her parents.  She has been working hard on a case about the killing of a young girl only to have the arrest not go down as planned.  This causes her to question what she should do.  Luke Murphy is a PI who has uncovered more about the death of Abby's parents, but is unsure how to tell her.
     I liked seeing how Abby worked through her emotions.  She knew what needed to happen, but had to struggle to make it occur.  I liked seeing how the relationship between Luke and Abby progressed and how they worked to get the truth out.  I would recommend this book to someone who likes a good character working relationship and suspense.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.

Playing the Part by Jen Turano

Playing the Part is the third book in A Class of their own series.  Lucetta Plum is an actress who has to change her calling when a fan becomes too interested in her.  She winds up going out to the estate of a friend's grandson to hide out.  While there she becomes friends with the grandson and soon finds out there is more to him than meets the eye,
     I liked how the characters were made to intact even when they did not seem to want to.  The story was full of twists an turns and you never quite knew what would happen next.  It was full of mystery as well as laughs.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.

On Lone Star Trail by Amanda Cabot

I enjoyed getting to know more characters in this series.  It is not one that you  have to have read the others to enjoy, but it is always great to get caught up with what happens next.  Gillian and TJ both have a lot to overcome and have to let go of some hurt that they are able to do together.  They form an unlikely and maybe unwanted friendship as she helps him out after a crash.  I liked seeing how they interacted and how the resort is able to help someone else out.
     I received a copy from the publisher to read and review.

The Borrowed Boyfriend by Ginny Baird

The Borrowed Boyfriend tells the tail of Allison and Grady.  I like how Allison had kept in touch with her girlfriends and wished that I had done the same.  It is great how they get together, but I too would be like Allison in wanting to avoid the set up with someone I didn't know to ruin my week.  I don't know how I would feel about passing off my roommate's boyfriend as my own, but who knows.
     Both Allison and Grady see the end to a means in agreeing to carry out the plan.  Allison sees it as a way to have a "boyfriend" and Grady sees it as a way to get at her business.  Neither planned on it going as it did
      A fun and enjoyable book.
      I received a copy from the author to read and review.

A Sweet Misfortune by Maggie Brendan

I liked how Rachael was rescued and the story between her and John began.  John is an old friend of Rachael's brother and currently own the ranch that was in their family along with his own.  He is able to rescue Rachael from a not so great profession and she comes to live at his ranch and work for his mother.
     I liked how Rachael found out the legacy that her brother had left her and what she had to do to claim it.  She wanted an easier way to get the ranch back through her brother, but she had to learn to trust that all would work out.
     I also liked how Rachael was able to help those who found themselves in less that ideal situations.  I would hope that I could see beyond the surface to help out those in need.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.

Thrill Squeaker: A Squeaky Clean Mystery by Christy Barritt

After her last trip away, Gabby is ready for a routine job and this turns out to be anything but.  When her old partner Chad ask for help cleaning up an old abandoned amusement park, Gabby sees it as a fun way to earn a little money, help out a friend, and work in a few training sessions for her new job as well.  She didn't realize that she soon would be putting a few of the techniques and gadgets she trains with to the test.
     While there, the crew realizes that there is more to the amusement park than meets the eye and someone does not want them to find out what.  They find themselves having to dodge danger and try to find out the mystery of Mythical Falls.
     I loved seeing what Gabby and the gang were up to now, especially finding out where Gabby and Riley's relationship was headed.  I can't wait to see what happens next,
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

A wonderful, quick read that is great for adults and young adults alike.  Lady Juliana takes it upon herself to to steal to provide for the poor.  She has to not only try to provide for those less fortunate, but also works to regain the land she has lost to her uncle.
     She messes up and tries to steal from a wealthy knight who lives nearby.  He sees her for who she is a young lady, not young boy.  He agrees to help her out and soon more than friendship occurs.
     I really enjoyed this tale and how the characters interacted with each other.  It is a great read for those who like a tale of good vs evil and stories set in medieval times.
     I received a copy of the book from the author to review.

Heart of a Cowboy by Susan Page Davis , Miralee Ferrell , Yvonne Lehman , and Vickie McDonough

A wonderful set of four stories by four great authors.  I have read books by each of these authors separately and their compilation flows great.  I love books like this as I can complete a story and can take time to read the next one later.  They really give you a taste of the old west and make  you feel like you were there with the characters living their lives.  I love seeing how they lived during that time and love seeing how the characters interact and sometimes learn to heal and live again.
     I received a copy from the publisher to review.

Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Room for Hope takes place during the Depression.  Neva is doing the best she can to keep her family's store doing well during this time of economic struggle.  She feels like she is doing her best to keep things going and to care for their children as her husband travels around selling goods from their store.  An unexpected surprise awaits her when an deputy pulls up bringing her three children. She must find it in her heart to take them and not hold their past against them.
     I could not imagine myself in Neva's shoes. It would be hard enough keeping their store open and caring for their two children during this time, but to find out that he had strayed when he was traveling would be more than I could take.  It would take great courage and endurance to take on the task, but I would hope I would do the same thing if I were in her shoes.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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Change of Heart by Courtney Walsh

Change of Heart tells the story of Evelyn Brandt. She was a senator's wife whose life comes crashing down when he is arrested for embezzlement and she finds out he has other things he has been hiding as well.  Evelyn becomes very withdrawn and her friends decide to not let her hide away, but instead put her to work on a project that will use her talents as an artist to re-image the city's heart shaped light posts.  While doing this she begins to become closer to an old friend and a chance of love emerges again.
      I could not imagine what it would be like to have my life turned upside down like Evelyn's was and would probably want to crawl in a hole if my life were on display like hers was.  It would be great though  to have friends like hers that would not allow her to fade away from life, but instead drew on her dormant talents to get her back into life.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to review.

Change of Heart Book Trailer (YouTube) Change o…

Island Hope by Kimberly Johnson

I liked how Hope worked at retrieving her love of art when she felt that it was gone forever.  The Resort seems good for those who have hurting souls.  Hope is working her friend Piper's Resort and finds herself impacted more than she could imagine.  Her friend works at getting her paired up with the most unusual candidate, but she soon realizes that when given a chance, Derrick is not too bad.
     I liked seeing how the characters learned to evolve and to grow and how their faith carried them into the future.  I love reading series as they give you a continuation to the ongoing story as well as introduce new characters into it.
     I would recommend this series , but each story was great in its own right.
     I received  a copy of this book to read for review from the author.

Always Watching by Lynette Eason

A different twist on bodyguards as a an elite agency of women guardians takes on the task of guarding Wade Savage.  Wade has a stalker and they are not giving up.  It takes the entire team to keep him safe including some new hires after the stalker does not give up going after the body guards and police alike.  Wade becomes concerned when it becomes obvious that the stalker knows personal things about him and his daughter beyond what should be known.  After  stalker steps it up and becomes move violent, the agency owner Olivia Edwards realizes she must do all she can to protect her client even if it involves her greatest fear.
     This was a twist on the usual protection agencies that normally are all male or a mix and I liked how it work.
     I received a copy of this book free to review from the publisher.

Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

I became interested in reading Toward the Sunrise a novella that introduced some of the characters in the book and just knew I had to find out what would happen.
    I was intrigued by Sophie who was a woman beyond her time.  Her interest in the goings on at the house as well as her weather station made her someone to follow.  I liked how she was so dedicated to the station that when she thought she would not get to gather the readings, she was able to get the owner's young son involved.  She did great in getting him to believe in himself.
     I found the mansion's story intriguing and liked how the facts came out and how the secrets were revealed to do away with superstitions.  Sophie managed to bring out the best in the new owner of the house and make sure that people didn't get turned out of their homes and jobs when he was intent on getting rid of everyone.
     A great read and waiting to see where the story goes next.

Calico Spy by Margaret Brownley

I have enjoyed getting to know the Pinkerton Operatives in this series by Margaret Brownley.  I love seeing what they do to fit in .  Katie Madison works to fit in as a Harvey girl to solve the murder of two waitresses.  She finds it harder to learn all the things a Harvey must know to server the meals than she does being an operative.  She also finds herself almost blowing her cover as she stops a bank robbery.
     I enjoyed seeing Katie figure out ways to put together what she knows while trying to keep her cover. It is not made easy since she does have to let the sheriff know and he was expecting a man and does not want to work with her. I also liked learning more about the Harvey Girls
    I really enjoyed this book as well as the series and recommend it to anyone who loves a good read.