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The Devoted by Suzanne Woods Fisher

I like reading about the Amish way of life and how they come to their decisions about whether to say and grow up Amish or pursue different avenues.  Ruthie is trying to decide whether she wants to remain with her faith and family or use her money and education to go  a different route.  At the same time she is trying to decide she also must make a decision about two suitors in her life Patrick who is converting to the Amish ways of life and her ex, Luke.
     I enjoyed seeing how Ruthie came to her decision and enjoyed the trip back ot Stoney Ridge.
     I received a copy of this book for free, the review is my own.

Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

I have enjoyed this series by Irene Hannon and enjoyed learning about the third McGregor brother, Finn.  He has taken solitude in a lakeside cabin and meets up with Dana who is seeking solitude of her own as she heals from an incident.  As they get to know each other, they both help each other with their healing.  At the same time, someone starts to try to get Dana to leave her home and is soon becomes obvious that more is going on in the woods than it seems.
     This was a real page turner and I enjoyed the healing and helping aspect of the book
     I received a copy of the is book from the publisher, the review is entirely my own.

Storm: A Novel (Stone Braide Chronicles) by Bonnie S. Calhoun

This is the third book in the Stone Braide Chronicles and is just as good as the first two.  Selah has her family back, but now must work against nature and to protect those around her.  She does not feel up to the job, but I liked how she worked to do what she had to do even though she did not feel comfortable in doing it.  I liked how she took charge to finish her quest and to lead those around her.  It was quite an interesting read.
     I received  a free copy of this book.  The review is my own.

A Primary Decision: A Novel (The Worthington Destiny) by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit

This is the third book in the Worthington Destiny series and it will keep you reading.  I found myself continuing to read to find out what would happen next as Sarah Worthington finds herself a US attorney general and plunging into the job in a big way.  She keeps on pursuing what she believes in no matter what the cost.  This is a real page turner and a great conclusion to the series.
    I received a free copy of the book, the review is my own.

Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl

A great mystery full of intrigue and suspense by Nancy Mehl.  Mercy Brennan has found herself the target of a powerful gang and her boss tasks her ex Mark St Laurent to keep her safe until it all has been taken care of.  They find themselves stranded and at risk when a storm hits leaving them to take care of business by them selves.
      This book was a real page turner and I liked the chemistry between Mercy and Mark.  I liked how I was right with some of my guesses and how I was pleasantly surprised with others.  This is a great start to a new series and I look forward to more.

 I received a copy of this book for free, I reviewed it on my own.

The Cupcake Caper by Kelle Z Riley

I enjoyed this mystery that had a different take on solving things. Dr. Bree Watcon meshes together her love of science and solving puzzles with the mystery that she faces of finding her boss dead.  She finds herself juggling all the clues as well as the detective who is on the case.  Along with this she has a menagerie of animals to take care of including a cranky cat and a goose chasing dog.  I also enjoyed the recipes and the introduction to this undercover caper.
     I received a free copy of this book, the review is voluntary and my own.