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A Pinch of Poison by Alyssa Maxwell

I have enjoyed this series (A Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery) and was happy to see the next book come out.  Lady Phoebe seems to find herself in the middle of things and in this book it is no exception.  She has organized a luncheon and unfortunately someone gets poisoned at it.  Because there were many people involved, Phoebe and her lady's maid, Eva find themselves trying to sort out what happened.
      I like seeing how Phoebe thinks and the interaction between the characters.  It was interesting to see how the different classes "interacted" during this time.

Where Does Love Hide? by Mary Manz Simon (Author), Hannah Wood (Illustrator)

Where Does Live Hide? is a children's book that shows and shared love.  It is an interactive book where the adult or child can lift the flaps to see where love hides as well as a short Bible verse that goes with the situation on the page.  It has great illustrations and by repeating phrases, it helps young readers to be able to read along.    
     This is a cute book that I hope to read over and over and have read to me as well.  The pictures give a great story for those who are not yet reading so that they can tell their own story as they point out what is in the pictures.  A great addition to any collection.
      I received a copy of this book from the publisher, the review is my own.

Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer

An interesting book with a historical perspective.  James Holt finds himself in an unknown as he looks for Saffire's mother and instead finds himself in the middle of much more.  This book takes place as the  Panama Canal is being designed and built.  He finds himself down there and wants to get his business over with so he can get back home to his ranch.  What he finds draws him deeper into a web of deceit and more.
     A good read that ties in historical events with a fictional story that will keep you reading.
     More from the author can be found at
     I received this book from blogging for books.  The review is my own.

The Flaming Sword by Heather L. L. Fitzgerald

I got started on this series with the audiobook, but the are just a pleasant to read as well.  It gives your imagination a work out as you follow the adventures of Sadie Larcen and her family in the Tethered World.  Sadie must go after a threat to the Flaming Sword of Cherubthe and help to keep her bother safe as he is training to become the new ruler of the Tethered World.
     I liked seeing how Sadie is able to use her leadership skills again and forge forward even when scared or when she doesn't want to.  I liked seeing how she was able to rely on more than herself to accomplish her goal.
     A wonderful read for many ages and I look forward to more adventures of the Larcens.


Hair Raiser by

I enjoyed listening to this mystery of who is trying to sabotage the Taste of the World fundraiser and the situations that Marla finds herself in as she tries to figure out what is going on.  Marla works her way through the suspects wanting to eliminate some, but tries to be fair.  All the while she also is trying to figure out who is trying to keep Ocean Guard from taking possession of the preserve and if the two events are connected.
     I liked how she went about combining interviewing suspects, gathering clues, and finding chefs to take part in Taste of the World.  She also finds time to combine dating with sleuthing and still work her day job.
         I enjoyed the narrator of this book as well.  She did a good job in the voices for the different characters.
     This was an interesting mystery and I plan to explore more in the series.  “I voluntarily received a review copy of this audiobook from the author.”

For the Record by Regina Jennings

I love stories set in the past especially when they show a woman achieving her dreams that are not the norm of the day.  Betsy loves writing for her uncle's newspaper and expands her dreams by writing a serial for the ladies' pages.  I like how this book gives me a taste of history while peaking my interest with a good mystery.  I liked seeing how Betsy and Joel, the new lawman in town, interacted.  He really had his hands full with her as she does not at like most women of the day.
     This is a great read and a great continuation of the Ozark Mountain Romance Series.  It was great catching up with some of the characters from previous books ,but it can stand alone.
     I received a review copy from the publisher, but the review is my own.

Christmas Conspiracy by Susan Sleeman

A thrilling story by Susan Sleeman.  Rachel is having a regular day until a child at her day-car is almost kidnapped and Rachael say who did it.  Now it is up to Jake Marsh a first responder to solve the case.  As the case progresses and Jake works to protect Rachel, they begin to grow closer and learn to let go of past hurts to grow closer
     A great read that will put you in the Christmas spirit.
     I received a copy to read from the author, the review is my own.

Prose and Cons (A Magical Bookshop Mystery) by Amanda Flower

Another enjoyable chapter is the story of Violet, her grandma Daisy, and Charming Books which they run together.  On the night of a poetry reading, one of the participants turns up dead.  It is up to Violet to really find out what happened and to make sure they can't hurt anyone else.
     I enjoy seeing how the characters interact with each other and how Violet's cat Emerson seems to be everywhere at once including places that will give Violet her next clue.  I also liked how Violet worked on sorting out her relationship issues and how having one of her suitors vie for her helped her out with some of the problems the bookshop faced as a result of the death.
     This is a real page turner as it has twist and turns as Violet unravels the truth and finds out that everyone is not who they say they are.