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While Love Stirs by Lorna Seilstad

I enjoyed reading this book and seeing how Charlotte was not afraid to step out and do something that was not "normal" for the time.  I gained a lot of insight as to how the new things were marketed during this time and that was interesting to me as someone who likes learning history through fiction.  Charlotte is not afraid to practice what she knows and share it make things better for those around her, especially her family.  She has learned much about nutrition and want to help others get better.  In doing so she has a bit of conflict with one of the doctors, Joel, but eventually they come to an understanding.  I had read some previous books by this author that I enjoyed and I liked seeing how some of the previous characters were progressing.  You don't have to had read her other books to enjoy this one though.

I received this book free to review.

One More Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

This was a book that once I got started, I couldn't wait to see how things were going to work out.  It is a story of changes and accepting responsibility for what is right.  Sarah has moved back home after completing her teaching degree and takes a special interest in one of her students.  Olivia has had a hard time of it after being raised by young mother who tries, but winds up needing extra help.  Olivia's uncle Chris does his best to make sure she is taken care of.
Sarah has to sort out some changes in her life and I liked seeing how she made several choices before deciding on the one that was best.  I also liked seeing how the town was able to accept some changes, while still remaining a good small town.
I received this book free to review.

Gathering Shadows by Nancy Mehl

I have read several books by this author and this one was just as great as the rest.  after seeing some pictures, Wynter Evans talks her boss into letting her do a series of stories about places in Missouri that people would not know about otherwise.  She winds up in a town called Santuary and soon finds herself with more than she anticipated.  I liked how the story didn't follow a standard that everyone is good or changes right away.   I liked seeing the growth in the characters and how they sorted out why they thought the way they did and were willing to look into things differently as time progressed.  This was one book that I finished very quickly and had to stop myself several times from turning to the back to see how it would all turn out.  I especially liked the cats in the book as they remind me of my own.  Maybe all homes away from home should come with some.

I received this book free to review.

Fatal Exchange by Lisa Harris

Fatal Exchange is book two in the Southern Crimes series.  I had not read book one, but had no trouble following along for book two.  Being from the south and having traveled to Atlanta several times, I could picture some of the places mentioned in the book.  This helped me to put some things in context.  This book follows the story of Emily and Mason and how they have to put aside differences to accomplish what needs to be done.  This is a book that you should read when you have time to continue reading because having to come to stopping places was difficult as I kept wanting to know where the story was going next.

I received this book free to review.

One Perfect Spring by Irene Hannon

This story is one of change and willing to do what it takes to help someone out.  Keith works for a businessman who helps out those in need.  His boss convinces him to take an assignment written by a little girl.  At first he dismisses the request as it is not what they usually do, but his boss convinces him it would be good to take on this assignment.  He does and becomes very close to the people he is working with.  In taking this assignment, he also begins to look at some things going on in his own life as does his boss.  Many lives are changes all due to a simple request of a little girl.  I liked seeing how the characters realized things about their lives and how they worked at doing things different.
I received this book free to review.

Until that Distant Day by Jill Stengl

I enjoyed reading this book and learning about the history of France during this time.  I was unaware of all the turmoil that had gone on during that time and this book gave me an interesting point of view.  Colette finds herself on the opposite side of the uprising as her brother and she has to work at keeping things together and standing up for what she believes is right.  Her brother tries to get her to leave her job and join him in the uprisings, but she remains committed to her employer and turns her brother down.
This book gives you insight of what went on during the day and kept me reading to see what would happen next. I would recommend this book for not only the story, but for the details as well.
I received this book free to review.