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How to Window Box by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benelt

I enjoyed reading this book and getting using the pictures to come up with ideas for window box arrangements.  It was very informative and the step by step directions were very helpful.  It gave advice on what plants to pair together and had helpful pictures for many of the steps. 

More InfoAuthor Bio"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

The Sea before Us by Sarah Sundin

I loved learning history through historical fiction.  This book gave me an opportunity to to see a woman's part in the war as part of the story focused on Dorothy's service of putting together reconnaissance photographs to create a map of Normandy.  I was interesting to see how the technology of the time period allowed them to put something like this together.  I also enjoyed seeing how the relationship between Dorothy and Wyatt progressed as they worked together to provide what was needed leading up to D-Day.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is my own,

High Treason by Diann Mills

High Treason is a book that will keep you reading.  FBI Special Agent Kord Davidson and CIA operative Monica Alden find themselves tasked with protecting Saudi Prince Omar bin Talal.  This becomes more complicated when they find out that the prince is not just there for him mother's cancer treatment, but also to negotiate some some stronger business ties between the US and his country.
      I really enjoyed reading this book and liked seeing the interaction between the main characters.  They had to learn to get over each other's role in the protective detail and learn to work together.  I liked seeing how they worked out their differences as well as trying to figure out who the bad guy was and what the motive was.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is my own.

Storm Surge by Christy Barritt

Cassidy is still trying to stay under the radar as she awaits to testify, but as a mysterious raft shows up, she can't help but to get involved. I think I too would find it hard to keep silent if I were in Cassidy's shoes and it would be my luck that the more under the radar I tried to be, the more things would happen to draw the spotlight on me.   Loved the book and look forward to the next one.
      I received a copy of the book from the author, the review is my own.

Apple Strudel Alibi by H Y Hanna

I liked seeing Gemma and the Old Biddies take on a mystery away from home.  It seems like Gemma can't even get a break from sleuthing even when she his on holiday.  She and the Old Biddies run across a suspicious death in the hotel they are staying in and soon find themselves trying to figure out what exactly happened.  I also enjoyed " seeing" some of the sites that they visited and would love to see the dancing horses someday myself.
     I received a copy of the book from the author, the review is entirely my own.

Death by a Whisker by T. C. LoTempio

I really enjoyed this book in the A Cat Rescue series.  It was fun to see the interaction between Sydney and Toby and how they went about proving Maggie innocent in the death of Ulla.  It is amazing how Toby is able to help out and point Sydney in the right direction.  Got to love a good mystery with a cat.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is my own.

Where the Fire Falls by Karen Barnet

I loved reading this story set in Yosemite.  It let me know about how the national parks were early on and tied it to a story within the park.  I loved how Olivia was able to go between the two worlds of her former life of poverty to painting for the rich.  I loved how Clark was able to help Olivia with trusting others and moving ahead.  I look forward to reading more in this series
   More from the author can be found here.
"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

A Loyal Heart by Jody Hedlund

A great read that had a bit of adventure, a bit of romance, and much loyalty to family and others.  Olivia and her family are taken captive and she must do all she can for their freedom, even falling in love with her captor.  I really enjoyed seeing this story unfold and gain insight in to the way things were during that time period.
     I received a copy of the book from the author, the review is my own.

The Pajama Frame by Diane Vallere

Madison finds her hands full when she inherits a pajama factory.  She finds herself trying to decode mysteries of the past and current day associated with the factory.  She finds herself trying to just ignore it all an pretend likes she doesn't know what is going and getting caught up in it all trying to figure out what really happened.
    A good mystery and a good read.
    I received a copy of the book from the author, the review is my own.

Phoebe's Light by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Wow, I loved reading all the different paths that this story took.  From wanting a new take on life to finding out that it wasn't as expected.  I can just imagine Phoebe being one who wanted her own way and then when she got it having to turn to an unwanted gift to get her through her new life at sea.  She has to depend on things that she never expected to make it in her new life.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is my own.

Flood Watch by Christy Barritt

I love reading this mystery.  It is interesting to see how Cassidy  juggles her instincts from her former life to trying to stay under the radar in her new one.  She is making a new life while awaiting to testify, but is not succeeding in keeping her past under wraps as she keeps running in to events that cause her to draw on her past skills.  I don't know that I would be any more successful than she was at flying under the radar,

A Passionate Hope by Jill Eileen Smith

This book gives you a taste of life long ago as Hannah and Elkanah try to hold onto hope and faith as their life does not progress as hoped.  When her husband takes another wife, Hannah must hold on to her faith even more that her relationship with her husband will be as it once was.
    I don't know how I would react if I were pushed aside as Hannah was.  She knew that Elkanah loved her and that children were important, but it would be hard to stay nice with the things that were going on in her life
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher, the review is entirely my own.

Out of the Ashes by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

This is a great read that will give you insight into the life after the war, trying to escape and get to life back as normal.  One of the characters who wants adventure, one who just wants to get away from it all, and another how comes into a connection from the past.  This series is a great read that keeps your attention and makes you anticipate what will come next.
    I received a copy of the book from the author, the review is entirely my own.

Beneath a Prairie Moon by Kim Vogel Sawyer

This was an interesting story about Abigail and  how she had to learn to adapt from a life of luxury to one where she finds herself in conditions that she could never imagine when she has to move and make a living for herself.
    I do not know how I would handle myself in her situation if I had to basically give up all I had and move to an untamed territory and deal with conditions like she had to.
     I received this book from blogging for books, the review is my own.

Kill Shot by Susan Sleeman

This is a book that you will not want to put down.  Rick has has knowledge that he thinks he had time to decide what to do with it, but soon finds out that the clock is ticking.  Olivia too is interested in who and how the killing is occurring and soon teams up Rick so that their knowledge together can hopefully find out who is behind everything before it is too late.

Troubled Waters by Susan May Warren

This book kept me guessing as to what would happen between Ian and Sierra next.  They seem to want to work things out , but I imagine with the secrets and grief in their lives, it makes it hard to make it all come together.  I liked how when push came to shove, the finally had to talk things out and to get everything rescued.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is my own.

The Baby Assignment by Christy Barritt

This book kept me guessing as to how they would get out of each incident.  I felt so sorry for the baby and what it had to endure as well as poor Macy having to help to keep the baby girl safe and comfortable.  I also liked that Macy was willing to give Tanner a second chance as they endured what they had to go through.
     I received a copy of this book as a gift, the review is my own.

Hidden Currents by Christy Barritt

A great new series.  I enjoyed seeing how Cady had to adapt to her new life and talk her way out of situations that as a civilian she should not have known as much about.  Her new job is very interesting and I would love to live in her new house, as long as I was safe.  Can't wait to see what happens next. 
     This review is entirely my own.

A Devious Death by Alyssa Maxwell

I enjoy reading this series as it is set in the past and I get a view of living after WWI.  I like seeing how Phoebe is able to do her investigations and still act the way she should as a lady of her standing.  I like trying to decide what I think will happen and then see if it does.
     I received a copy as a gift, the review is mine.

Coldwater by Samuel Parker

This book really gets to you as you read about Michael and see all the emotions he has and what he has to endure as he has moved back home and is trying to live again.  I kept reading to find out what would happen and who all would be involved .
     I received this book as a gift and the review is my own.

Holding the Fort by Regina Jennings

I liked seeing how Louisa was trying to make the best of things and took the circumstances at hand and made the best of it.  She is doing what she can to make a living, but when the chance to step up occurs, she tries to make a go of it, even though she doesn't know anything about being a governess.  I enjoyed seeing the things she came up with and how she makes it work.
     I received the book as a gift, the review is my own.

Pre-Meditated Murder (A Downward Dog Mystery) by Tracy Weber

The adventures of Kate, Michael, and Bella continue with book five in the Downward Dog Mysteries.  I love seeing what Bella gets in to and how she seems to get Kate into situations that she would rather avoid.  I also was intrigued to find out what was going to happen with Michael and is not so ex wife.  Kate has to get past her original feelings to help Michael to get everything settled and of course everything is not going to go smoothly.  A great read.
     I received a copy from the author, the review is my own.