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Pelican Bride by Beth White

I haven't read anything by this author before, but thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I am from Alabama and have traveled to the Gulf Coast, but haven't really thought about the first people to live here or those who traveled here and enjoyed learning some history along with a great story.
Geneviève Gaillain  along with her sister and several other French women have traveled to the Gulf Coast/Mobile area to become brides.  They have had to leave their homes for several reasons including religion.  Genevieve winds up marrying one of the men from the area, but not necessarily the one that the fort commander would have chosen for her.
I learned about the interactions between the natives and the new arrivals and how they often worked together, but had problems as well.  I look forward to the next book.

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I received this book free for review.

Mark of Distinction by Jessica Dotta

I like books that not only entertain me, but also give me some insight into the the ways things were in the past.  This book by Jessica Dotta gives you a look into the life of Julia who has lived her entire life one way and then gets thrust into a new life with the death of her mother.
I liked seeing how she went through the adjustments and was a page turner to see just how things would work themselves out.
I had not a chance to read the first book in the series and it didn't keep me from enjoying this book, but I do plan to get it and hope it is as enjoyable.

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I received this book free for review.

The Last Bride by Beverly Lewis

I enjoyed reading book five of the Home to Hickory Hollow series.  This book continues giving insight into the characters of Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania and lets you catch up with some of the characters from previous books as well as giving more details about others.
I liked how it took a look at the closed society of the Amish and how hard it is to go your own way in choosing a mate and how they have to realize that they need to sometimes look beyond the who is chosen for them and go with their heart..  I also liked how it addressed the closed society and the need to allowing outsiders to become a part as well.
You don't have to have read the other books to enjoy this one, but they are all great and it is enjoyable to follow them throughout the series.

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I received this book free from Beverly House Publishing to review.

Seasons of Tomorrow By Cindy Woodsmall

Book four in the Vines and Orchards is another great book in this series.  The story of Rhoda, Leah, Landon and the King brothers continues.  Leah has some decisions to make regarding her friendship with Landon and the Amish Community and they could affect the entire community.
I liked how this book gave us more insight to the characters previously introduced in the other books of the series.  We get to see how they have grown and how the handle things differently with a bit more experience and how they have worked to settle in the community in Maine.

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What Follows After by Dan Walsh

This is a book that really got me thinking about family dynamics and how the children view what is going on in families.  I work with children and see things very similar in their ways of thinking and that if they this thing then this will happen in their family.  Colt and his brother Timmy decide that they are going to get their family back together by running away to their aunt's house in Savannah and refusing to come back until their parents get back together.  They way they do this leaves you turning pages to see what all happens next.
I received this book free for review.

A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge

I enjoyed reading about Juliette's journey into making changes and learning to live with the changes and getting a chance to discover an author I haven't read before.  She takes a chance by leaving a job that leaves her feeling sick and finds herself trying to make a go at a restaurant.  In doing so she has to look deep into herself to see what she what she really wants and how she wants to achieve it.  She also starts a new relationship that is a bit long distance.  In this relationship she has to quit making comparisons to her former fiance and again decide what is right for her.  I am glad to see that the mysteries and relationships started in this book will continue in later books.  I also liked how the recipes went along with the book and look forward to trying some of the out.

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Sincerely Yours by Jane Kirkpatrick, Ann Shorey, Laurie Alice Eakes, Amanda Cabot

I enjoy getting a chance to read a set of novellas as it gives me a chance to quickly read one story, but keep it going in the other stories.  Each story has similar theme where the main character of the story receives a letter that changes the course of their life.  Each character needs a change and this gives them a chance to alter their lives for the better.  I enjoyed the way that the authors were able to weave the theme through out the stories and how they kept you turning the page to see what would happen to the characters and how the mysterious changes in their lives would turn out.   I have previously read stories by these authors and would enjoy another collaboration like this one.

Jane Kirkpatrick’s link to a giveaway until April 8.

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Tide and Tempest by Elizabeth Ludwig

This is the third book in the Edge of Freedom series.  Tillie travels to America to start a new life, but on the way over, her plans have to change.  The new life she has planned changes after the death of her fiancée and she begin a new life with new friends.  She has begun her new life, but soon someone from her past comes back and everything changes.
I enjoyed this book even though I have not read the others in the series.  I didn't have trouble following along in this book.  Tillie showed real courage in having to start over in a new country and having to make new plans when her original ones changes.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good suspense and historical events.
I received this book free to review.

A book to consider

Critical Condition by Richard L Mabry