Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis

     Nikki is trying to prove that she can handle being a private investigator and goes to New Orleans to try to join her cousin in his practice.  Her cousin has just taken on a job defending his friend Hunter against murder.  When something happens to prevent her cousin from continuing the job, Nikki finds herself taking on the full responsibility of trying to clear Hunter's name.  She finds herself not only having to contend with working around with whoever is trying to frame Hunter, but finds herself on the wrong side of one of Hunter's friends.  As time progresses, Nikki finds herself more drawn to Hunter, but realizes that she is nowhere near in his league.
     I liked seeing how Nikki worked to prove herself no matter what came her way and how she was able to get out of the predicaments that seemed to keep coming her way.  She was able to deal with whatever was thrown her way and came out on top.
     I received this book free to review.


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