Deadlock by DiAnn Mills

     Deadlock is the third book in the FBI:Houston Series.  It tells the story of Agents Bethany Sanchez and Thatcher Graves as they go after a perceived serial killer.  Along the way Bethany has to not only deal with the cases they are working, but with family issues as well.  These issues wind up causing problems not only in her personal life, but begin to affect her professional one as well.
     I liked seeing how the two agents were able to work together despite the fact that their pasts could come back to haunt them.  They are able to put personal differences and methods of working aside to work at solving the case.  Even when things are not as they seem, I like the way that they interact.
     I received a copy of this book from the publisher free to review.

  DiAnn shares about her new novel Deadlock, in this extended interview


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