Finding Love in Tombstone Arizona by Miralee Ferrell

I really enjoy reading books set in the old west and finding out how it was living back then especially for a woman.   Christy Grey finds herself back in the town she thought she had left for good to help out her family.  I cannot imagine how adventitious it would be to leave for a new life and travel during this time as she did. and then to get held up and shot along the way would have been both exciting and terrifying.
Once she makes it back to town she had to deal with her family who is not surviving the west as good as she it.  She has to make some hard decisions when she realizes her family needs more than she can give.  She also has to make a decision about Nevada King.  She finds herself liking the man, but also torn when she realizes where she knows him from.
I would recommend reading this book and others from this time period.
I received this book free from the author to review.


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