I became introduced to this series though a set of emails where the writer introduced a book and its author and gave you a sneak peek into the story.  This set caught my attention even more as it was about a pet sitter who lives in the Florida Keys.  While I would not like getting up as early as Dixie does or the trouble she seems to find, I wouldn't mind the napping midday part.
     I was saddened to hear though the same set of emails that the author had passed away.  I didn't know what I would do with out my yearly fix of Dixie, but was excited to hear that her son was carrying on in her stead and he hasn't disappointed.
      In the latest tale, Dixie finds herself again tied up in a mystery that she cannot explain.  It all starts out innocently as she goes to a client's house to feed their cat and while checking around to make sure that the cat hasn't been up to mischief, she finds herself knocked out and wondering what happened.  When she tries to figure out what has happened, no one wants to really take herself seriously.  She then takes it upon herself to make sure she isn't crazy.
     I love finding out about what Dixie will find herself involved in next as well as what is going on in her personal life and the book covers always draw me in as a pet (cat) lover myself.
     I received a copy of this book free to review.


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