No Way Up by Mary Connealy

    I got a taste of this book by reading the novella The Boden Birthright and looked forward to learning more of this story.  When Chance Boden is injured in an avalanche, he patched up and then sent to Denver to try to better evaluate and treat his injuries.  While he is gone, the ranch hands that are left behind realize that the avalanche was not accidental and work to figure out what really happened.
     Also Chance's children must adhere to a part of a will that he has written and decides to enact not knowing the outcome of his healing.
     The book was full of turns and with the characters learning who to trust even when they feel different.  I liked how the father wanted to have his children together again, but would not be sure how I would feel if I had to leave my current life to go home again.
      A very suspenseful tale that will have you wanting to skip ahead to see how it all comes out, but will keep you reading as not to miss any of the clues.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.


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