Never Forget by Jody Hedlund

     A wonderful conclusion to the Beacons of Hope series.  I have enjoyed learning about the lighthouse keepers and what they had to go through to keep the lanterns going.  I especially learning about how often times it was the women that did the job even though they were not thought to be "able" to do it.
     Abbie has been doing her best to be able to continue living on Rose Island and keeping the light so that her grandfather can stay on the island as well.  She has even gotten married so that her husband can be considered the keeper since her grandfather can no longer do the job as he could before.  Abbie's husband is not quite up to the job, so when a man washes up on shore and cannot remember who he is, she lets him believe that he is supposed to be there and passes him off as her husband.
     I enjoyed seeing the growing relationship between Abbie and Nathaniel and how even though things didn't always work out in the timing they wanted, they managed to do what was eventually right to get done what had to be done.
     I received an advance copy from the author, the review is entirely my own.


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