A Bride in Store by Melissa Jagears

I received a chance to read the next book in the Unexpected Brides Series.  I liked reading how Eliza took control of her circumstances from the early train ride to meet her groom, to the unexpected challenges in becoming a store keeper like she wanted.
Eliza (a mail order bride) finds herself a victim of circumstance when she decides to come early to meet the person she is to marry.  She has been corresponding with him to give him ideas to make his store better and when she gets there she finds that some have been implemented and works with the co-owner of the store to implement more.  Because she arrived early, her interned is not there to greet her and she has to make other arrangements until he gets there.  I liked how she didn't let prejudices keep her from meeting the other townspeople and eventually making it for herself.
Her intended's business partner is overrun with trying to run their store, work as a gunsmith, and as a somewhat doctor.  He wants to become a doctor, but circumstances haven't made that possible yet.  Eliza encourages him to pursue his dream and it eventually comes about in an unconventional way.
I received this book free to review.


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