Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson

     I have enjoyed other books by this author and this one did not disappoint.  I like how it expands on a character from a previous book, but still allows you to enjoy the story even if you haven't read the other books.  It allows you to understand what is going on and gives you further insight into the characters.  It was interesting to see how the main character was able to step out from what was expected from her and how she was able to interact in a world different from what she grew up in.
     Each person in the book has to learn what is expected of them and how their lives are going to interact.  The have to step out to find out what they really want and how to achieve it.  They learn to put their trust in each other as well as God to figure out what needs to happen even if it is not what they or everyone else might expect.  This was a good book to read in a couple of sittings.  It took a bit to get going, but is enjoyable and recommended.

I received this book free from the publisher to review.


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