Price of Privilege by Jessica Dotta

     I really enjoyed the chance to read the third book in the Price of Privilege Trilogy.  This book really enhanced what I had read in the other books, but would be just as great if you hadn't read the others.  I had to work hard not to turn ahead to find out what was coming next as this book was one that really kept you on your toes.  I highly recommend this book, but warn you might want to make sure you have a good enough amount of time to read as you won't want to put it down.
     Julia finally knows what is hers and decided to not let Chance Macy take it away from her.  This proves harder than she wants as scandal breaks loose and gets tired in the courts.  Julia has to work through the deceit and lies to prove what is hers and what is right.    
     I received this book free from the publisher to review.


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