Thrill Squeaker: A Squeaky Clean Mystery by Christy Barritt

     After her last trip away, Gabby is ready for a routine job and this turns out to be anything but.  When her old partner Chad ask for help cleaning up an old abandoned amusement park, Gabby sees it as a fun way to earn a little money, help out a friend, and work in a few training sessions for her new job as well.  She didn't realize that she soon would be putting a few of the techniques and gadgets she trains with to the test.
     While there, the crew realizes that there is more to the amusement park than meets the eye and someone does not want them to find out what.  They find themselves having to dodge danger and try to find out the mystery of Mythical Falls.
     I loved seeing what Gabby and the gang were up to now, especially finding out where Gabby and Riley's relationship was headed.  I can't wait to see what happens next,
     I received a copy of the book from the author to read and review.


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