Cute Emergency by Tony Heally

    What a cute book full of pictures that will make you go awww.  I loved the pictures of the animals and the captions with them.   It is a great book to thumb through over and over again to give you a great smile.  It is one to be read through as well as a few pages at a time.  I already have some of my favorites that I have look at again and again for a smile.  Great book for any animal lover.
 Some of my favorite pictures were of the cats being a cat owner myself.  I loved the one that was on its back dreaming of being a flying squirrel.  The spots on its belly were beyond cute.  As a lover of rock music, I also liked the one that was looked like it was either yawning or rocking out.
I love how they got the animals to pose.  I cannot seem to get mine to do that for all the trying.  I have had to bribe them with treats just to get a few snapshots to share with my family.  I love how they were able to catch them at just the right time to get the pictures in the book.  I have at times seen animals and tried to put human traits on them, which this book did well.
If you fall in love with these pictures, you can go online and find more.  They have been posted online and added to all the time.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."


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