Mountain Hideaway by Christy Barritt

     Tessa feels like she is finally safe and has found a few people that she can trust.  That all goes away one night when she starts to flee when someone comes after her.  She finds herself having to trust the person who has found her, Trent McCabe when they both find themselves being fired upon.  Tessa has to decide who she can trust and make sure that no one else gets hurt in the meanwhile.  She also has to make sure that Trent believes her when no one else will as to why she is on the run.
     I really enjoyed this book by the author. It was well written and kept you turning the pages to see what would happen next and how they would be able to handle it.  I liked seeing how the characters started to trust each other, but also how there were some twists to the story as well.
     I received a copy of this book from the author to review.


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