Step by Step by Candace Calvert

Step by Step tells the story of ER nurse Taylor Cabot.  She was widowed after a bad accident and has to work hard to continue living and move on.  She finally starts to move on and even has started a relationship with a doctor.  Old memories start to come back thought when Seth Donovan comes to San Diego to train community volunteers.  A community crisis soon makes her reevaluate everything and she just hopes to get through it all.

I like how the books have the medical background of the author interwoven throughout the book.  It makes it more realistic without making you need to look up everything.  It was a great book that kept you wanting to know what would happen next and what choices that Taylor would make and what would motivate her choices.  This would make a great read for anyone who likes suspense as well as romance.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher free to review.

Questions and answers from the author.


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