Beyond the Silence by Kimberly Woodhouse and Tracie Peterson

     Lillian has a sense of adventure that she decides to act upon by going west to take a job as a nanny.  The family that she is working for has had their share of heartache and many feel that the father has brought it upon himself.  Lillian has to learn how to survive in a new place where she had traveled to despite her family's wishes, but has to do it with only the support of her new employer.  Lillian has to work hard to overcome many of the townspeople's snub because of her association with this family.
     I would find it hard to do what she did with leaving all that was safe and familiar to embark on a journey where I did not know what all to expect.  Lillian has it even harder as she is fighting against an unknown that is out to get the family.  She has to battle this all while trying to protect and nurture her charge.
     This is an enjoyable book and will leave you rooting for Lillian as she tries to make things better for the  Colton family.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.


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