Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

   I became interested in reading Toward the Sunrise a novella that introduced some of the characters in the book and just knew I had to find out what would happen.
    I was intrigued by Sophie who was a woman beyond her time.  Her interest in the goings on at the house as well as her weather station made her someone to follow.  I liked how she was so dedicated to the station that when she thought she would not get to gather the readings, she was able to get the owner's young son involved.  She did great in getting him to believe in himself.
     I found the mansion's story intriguing and liked how the facts came out and how the secrets were revealed to do away with superstitions.  Sophie managed to bring out the best in the new owner of the house and make sure that people didn't get turned out of their homes and jobs when he was intent on getting rid of everyone.
     A great read and waiting to see where the story goes next.


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