Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon

    I love following this series and their characters and seeing them grow up and evolve.  I have followed Dooley and Lace from the start and now it is time for their big day.  Come Rain or Come Shine tells of the days leading up to Lace and Dooley' s wedding  and all that is going into it.  The have decided to have a nice country wedding with a potluck reception, but soon find out that there is more to it than first thought.  I loved how the Flower sisters came to the rescue and how the entire "family" helped out.
      There are some old and some new characters in the book and we  learn more about how how the families are formed, the heartaches involved from the past and future, and much forgiveness.  I loved seeing all the work that went into their wedding day, learning about Dooley's new job, and hope for more in the future.
     I received a copy to read and review, and also checked out an audio book to listen as well.


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