Maggie Bright by Tracy Groot

     This book tells the story of the Maggie Bright a sailing vessel and the secrets it harbors.  When the boat is called into action in WWII, Claire knows that it will do what is necessary, even if the American piloting it, isn't fully committed.
     I really enjoyed this book and its insight into events of WWII.  I was unaware of many of the events and the author has done a good job of portraying them in a way that makes it interesting and not like reading a history book.   I knew that due to production timing that many civilian vehicles were "drafted"into the war effort and the story behind the Maggie Bright made it even more interesting.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is entirely my own.

The Maggie Bright: A Novel of Dunkirk by [Groot, Tracy]


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