Deadly Encounter by DiAnn Mills

     In Deadly Encounter (book 1 in the FBI Task Force series)  FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc must be cautious with his conclusions when a body is found near the airport.  He has to be careful in sorting out who could be responsible and what all is tied together.  He also has to be cautious in his impression of Stacy who found the body, especially when she finds herself involved in other incidents that seem tied to the case.
      I liked this new series and how Stacy seemed to be able to handle what was put upon her.  I liked how Alex was able to work around his past and think a bit differently this time.  This book was well written and the characters interacted well.  I like the other characters in the book and how they contributed as well.   I look forward to the next book.
      I received a copy of the book to read and review from the publisher.
Deadly Encounter (FBI Task Force Book 1) by [Mills, DiAnn]


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