Burning Proof by Janice Cantore

     Burning Proof is the second book in the Cold Case series.  While it uses characters from the first book, it can be read without having read the first book.  Abby Hart is a detective who has decided to move on from trying to find out the truth about the death of her parents.  She has been working hard on a case about the killing of a young girl only to have the arrest not go down as planned.  This causes her to question what she should do.  Luke Murphy is a PI who has uncovered more about the death of Abby's parents, but is unsure how to tell her.
     I liked seeing how Abby worked through her emotions.  She knew what needed to happen, but had to struggle to make it occur.  I liked seeing how the relationship between Luke and Abby progressed and how they worked to get the truth out.  I would recommend this book to someone who likes a good character working relationship and suspense.
     I received a copy of the book from the publisher to read and review.


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