Death takes a Ride by Lorena McCourtney

This is  a book that I had been waiting to release and was excited when I saw a release date for this book.  I have read many books from this author and love her stories.  Cate Kinkaid finds herself in positions where she gets to put her PI skills to use.  I like how she has the best of intentions of staying out of trouble, but manages to find it anyway.
Cate has reached the point where she is awaiting her PI license and will take over her uncle's business on a full time business.  While doing this she is also still trying to see where her relationship with Mitch is going.  Cate finds herself where a shooting has taken place as she goes to pick up a friend of her aunt's for a meeting and soon finds herself caught up in finding up what has really happened.
I also love any book that has a pet in a pivotal role.  Cate has inherited Octavia from a pervious case and this cat has abilities that help Cate in making decisions for her cases.
I received this book from the publisher to review.


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