Truth be Told by Carol Cox

Amelia comes home to find her father dying.  She winds up taking over the newspaper that her father owns and keeps running it the way that he did.  I admire how she did this at a time that women didn't take on this type of role.
She finds herself facing pressure for a story that her father had began about an investment company in the area.  He believed that things were not as they were being portrayed and would not back down from his reporting.  Amelia believes in what her father did, so she finds herself looking into the story as well.   At this time, the company sends sometime try to change her mind, but things don't turn out like planned.
Amelia is someone I enjoy reading about in that she takes on a role that is not usual for the time and succeeded in what she wanted to accomplish.  She didn't have the easiest time of it and still managed to make it work.
I received this book free from the publisher to review.


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