Still Life by Dani Pettrey

     This story grabbed my attention from the start as I liked how the characters were able to work at solving the mystery based on multiple outcomes.  While they kept up hope for one outcome, they kept their options open for more.  I liked how Avery was open about her past even when she was ashamed of it, but realized that being open could help them with the investigation and that made her more real to me in that she was willing to let go of the past to focus on the future.
     I also like learning some of the history of the area as the author used some of the local history in the area as part of the crime scene.  It gave me a taste of hidden treasures that are around many towns and a bit of a nod to the first book as it too has a bit of a historical theme.
    I highly recommend this book and series and look forward to seeing what happens next,


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